More broken than ever, unplayable.

Every patch brakes the game even more, I think that the developers should just refund everyone at this point.

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So you are saying that the game has nice graphics, runs well at max graphics settings, has amazing audio and brutal fun gameplay, you played the game 57 hours the last two weeks and approx 400 hours total, but you can’t recommend it because it still has bugs that will be too much for other players to enjoy, as you know this with your average playtime of 4 hours a day last two weeks. Gotcha.

Whoosh. Gotta hand it to you, I’m curious. How much do you play games that are not unplayable then?

Devs are trying to fix it and they won’t leave the ship is how it looks like. Why not give them some love when they keep you entertained like a more than half time job employment?

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Yeah, let's defend these incompetent devs some more.

@grave You know, you could actually just post the bugs in the Forums so the Devs can find it easier and fix them in the next patches, which all of March is now dedicated to. Or you can just bitch about a game you barely play and then leave a negative review. Whatever floats your boat.

If you don't like the game in its current state, then play a different game and check it out later after a couple patches.

@marksmanmax I’ll keep complaining thanks 😘. Miss me some Insurgency...

@planetcanada Ins2014 is always available lmao. Also, I was playing some custom Sandstorm Coop servers with up to 30 bots, and holy fuck that needs to be possible to achieve in the official servers. That shit was insanity personified, but it was fun as hell.

@marksmanmax That does sound like fun I haven’t even touched coop yet but that’s not to say I wouldn’t have ever. It’s hard to go back to INs2014 for the simple fact that when I pre ordered this game I thought I was getting Insurgency2019 or Ins2014 with new graphics and effects etc... This is not the case in my eyes. I used to play in this server back in the day that ran mostly push I believe but maybe a few other modes but the max player count was 40 and it was fucking awesome lol even though it damn near set my pc on fire at times 😂. Once again really miss those times but like I said I was so damn excited for the pretty graphics, effects, rag doll physics, dismemberment and new maps as well as content... Especially considering I literally built an entirely new beefy pc for this game 😕

@planetcanada I'm mostly just upset by the fact that there's an NDA on the CTA. In my humble opinion, the days of the CTA was the best Sandstorm has ever been. We've made some positive progress since, but it's mostly been downhill, really.

Every patch they have done has made the game run worse for me. I've never witnessed anything quite like it. That being said, I don't believe I need a refund since I have gotten my 26.99 worth easily.

I don't get the latest update at all. All we needed was map exploits fixed along with optimization and big fixes. You don't add content when optimization is poor. I'd rather have more people playing and they won't play no matter how many guns you add if the guns or scopes won't load in.

@mlb7 Maybe you don't understand how development works.

NWI has more than just bug-fixers working at their studios. It's not like the Level Design or Weapon Animation artists get to take a vacation while the Programmers fix bugs.


Depends on the contract. Their company should have a contract with the publisher or make agrements with other game studios making it possible to share resources and borrow programmers and hand out designers when needed. The games already built on ue4 like fortnite could be a candidate, might not be that way for NWI, but it would be rational and a win-win for both parties.

@marksmanmax I would have everyone work on bugs so my customers stop leaving and telling everyone the game is trash. That's just me.