Do Astroid Fields provide defensive bonuses.

I recall it being a thing in the last game. Not sure if its in this one. If not i think something can be done to making astroid fields more benifical and maybe even deadlier. Could make the perk that Gives astroid field immunity more useful. At the moment damage from astroid field is pretty negligible. It needs to be scarier but also be a more tactically important mechanic.

It gives stealth like a regular gas cloud iirc.

@admiralatlas yeah it does. But it used to give a defensive buff as well

@canned_f3tus I miss that benefit, now it's a discount gas cloud with more drawbacks (sitting still and damage)

Id be fine if the astroid fields dealt more damage the deeper you go into one. But also improving your defensive capabilities considerably. Would add more tactical options for players. Cause atm. I feel astroid fields are a shallow mechanic.