Shotgun, sniper, RPG ammo count incorrect at respawn or resupply

Unless I missed a note where this is intentional, I've always had to go and fill up my chest carrier with the last bit of ammo when using anything not utilizing a magazine. shotguns, sniper rifles, RPGs all require one last group of ammo. shotguns missing 8 shells, snipers 5 rounds, the last of three RPGs. used to have the issue with underbarrel grenade launcher before it was changed to only two rounds at a time. this issue has been around since beta and I've never seen it mentioned. Are other people not having this issue?

This bothers me too. When running a light loadout without a carrier that 8 shotgun shells or 5 sniper cartridges makes a big difference.

@cogyang Ironically enough, you're actually not supposed to get a third rocket for reloadable rocket launchers, but you still can with an ammo box lmao.

The ammo you can get for the other weapons might be unintentional, as well. Not sure. My guess is that you've given a certain amount of ammo, and then that ammo is then loaded into your firearm. Shotguns are missing 8 shells, though, and not 7, so... I'm clueless honestly lol.