Bug List for
  • Gamma setting does not save
  • Sound is cutting in and out during gameplay
  • Muting voice by turning it down to zero has a clipping noise and background sound noticeably cuts in and out; chirp noise doesn't scale with it
  • Mouse is lagging intermittently in the title menu (this is also lagging my mic on Discord)
  • Disconnection from server error (previously never had this error before this patch)
  • Server tick rate constantly drops below 30
  • Enter key does not work as expected when class is selected and you try to deploy
  • 3rd person spectate still has wrong sensitivity to it
  • Textures are loaded at really low quality initially and take a long time to load in
  • Smoke viability is highly dependent on location
  • Fire has a glow effect that is too intense in some situations
  • Vaulting and jump key need to be an optional separate keybind
  • Character in lighting screen is still not lit correctly (character is really dark)
  • Sometimes stuff is not rendered when cornering walls
  • Too many invisible walls on maps.
  • Characters not being rendered when partially blocked by other objects
  • Character legs clip through objects when prone
  • Sometimes players can clip through you
  • Mags are not displayed properly on the screen
  • [Shooting Range] Pickup up another weapon will cause the weapon noise for the gun to cut out
  • TDM does not draw when kills are 150 - 150 at the end
  • Last kill(s) are not counted after the game ends
  • TDM spawns are within a few feet / in sight of enemies / in gunfire / directly behind enemies sometimes
  • Blur doesn't go away in 3rd person spectate (like when you are suppressed and die then go to 3rd person spectate)

Hey @Kraeyq,

Thank you for this list! I'll forward it to the team!