New road map question

Love the road map and can't wait for the competitive season but does that mean we are getting a replay feature as i don't see a point to competitive season without it as with replays it gives alot for content creators to work with.
i know many who would love replays be that AirsickHydra .with 10,000 subs ,Turin .who has 62,000 subs, Janet On Occasion. with 6,400 subs, along with many other YouTubers who could bring in so many more players and make hype around the competitive play but currently it's hard for them to make vids. I know that Jannet has had to go in and cast every battle in the hopes that 1 will be good rather than focus on playing and cast the replay which is exhausting and to much effort to do when its easier to make vids on other games which is a real shame.

Agreed, having replays and observer mode (though the former is more important) would be a huge addition to the game. I come from the Dawn of War 2 community and that game would have been dead years and years ago if it were not for Youtube content creators such as Indrid and Maestro Cretella keeping those communities alive.

@admiralatlas yea i love the elite mod for dow 2 as well it just shows how important a community is to a game and its something bfg 2 is lacking.

@admiralatlas DoW 2 is dead. People watching replays dont seem to be doing the PVP scene any favors. Unless you want to play the same pocket of people over and over

@canned_f3tus it's not a massive player base but there is on I am currently doing an amateur tournament and there are normal games to be had as well especially if you are on the latest version.