It's a great game, it really is!
BUT there are som major improvement points to be mentioned:
The firing simulation is a bit off, timing-wise: firing a weapon creates recoil-so far so good, but the recoil does not (not for a trained soldier at least) affect the first bullet leaving the muzzle. In this game you have to take recoil into consideration for the first shot wich spoils gameplay a lot. If recoil was timed a little bit better this would greately improve the gameplay experince.
Fire: the fire from a molotow coctail is NOT fatal in real life, at least not for someone wearing a military grade uniform wich nowadays are made from flameretardant fabric. An incendiary grenade on the other hand has a higher burning temp wich will burn thru a piece of fabric much quicker. The oppfor (bots) can move thorugh fire regardeless of it source wereas the players die more or less instantly upon contact. This creates an unbalanced combat environment were strategically placed defensive fires become useless.
Accuracy: the oppfor (bots) can (and most frequently will) hit a player regardless of the firing position of that player. Headshots from a vast distance using hippfired automatic weapon with iron sights are a common incident making the game somewhat ridiculus at times. It feels as if the engaged enemy will hit you in a certain tim/shotts fired etc regardless of your stance and distance between the both of you. This makes the use of high magnifying scopes at greater distance useless.
The accuracy of the molotovs used by the bots are laser guided level, seemingly without the need for line of sight!

The suicidebombers have ridiculus lethal area.
The penetration of ied drones and smallarms fire are greately unrealistic.
The limited amount of classes on each team is nothing but dissapointing when your favourite clas is already taken-why, it doesn't improve anything. If a whole team want's to play as breacher-let them!

It's fun that the bots are challenging but it feels as this has been acchieved in the simplest way possible instead of tactically balancing the scale. Increase the number of opfor, give them better tactical awareness, better weaponry, better use of scopes etc.........

It is a fun game but it could be SOOOOOO much better!


Game could be better against bots, but mention one other multiplayer game against bots that does it better. What is a non cheap way of making the bots better without raising the system spec requirements for players even more? (Every action a bot does is a calculation that will affect hardware demand, giving bots what you call ridiculous accuracy++ is a way of raising difficulty without increasing the system strain)

bots in all multiplayer games are also ridiculously stupid, so they need ridiculous aim to even pose a small challenge...

Get me right, I agree with you, just saying the playing field is empty. No other devs are capable either, so NWI is making a cool challenge with their crazy bots in an industry that is not moving in this regard - If they could make the bots better they would eat up a large market share in a mostly uncontested area I believe.

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