Campaign map overview

Hello together,

first of all I'm enjoying the game a lot so far!

But one thing in the campaign which I find really really annoying is the star map where you handle your planets.

As I'm not able to zoom out far enough to see the "whole sector" and there is also no minmap to support I have zero overview about the map which I personally think is an absolute no go for any strategy game.

It takes so much time to manage a sector only because
of this camera setting which is completely unnessary.

Hope there could be some improvement / increased camera range in the future.

Thx and best Rgs!

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Yup! Would be nice if the map zoomed out a little farther. Particularly the Scarus system is a nightmare to navigate and there's been times I got blindsided by an invasion simply because I didn't pan enough to see it.

Hello @Atunis2 and @AdmiralAtlas,
Thank you for sharing how you feel about the star map! I will forward this suggestion to the team 🙂 Have a great day!

This was asked in beta and nothing got done. Maybe in new campaigns.

Hello again,

just some additional remarks as general discussion feedback:


  • While the short "intro" before the battle begins and your ships fly to battle field the ships 'engine sound' is somehow missing.
    Not sure if this is a bug or the ships are ment fly in quiet but in the first game this starting scene was way better staged...just my opinion

  • After a mission is finished and the battle is over there could be some more delay before you are kicked to the loading sreen. Especially the explosion of the last enemy ship is often the most satisfying and currently I feel my victory a bit "interrupted" if I got kicked from map even before the explosion is over 🙂

This is of course nothing special but for that i think it could be adjusted easily.


  • Please ad a short cut to open / close the ship details in battle.

  • If changing the camera for the star map is not possible then you could maybe expand the 'planets list menu' which opens when you click on a sytsem with more than one planet. Currently I need to click on very single planet to check if -or what I can build addition to the lack of overview on the starmap this is also very annoying. I would be nice to see some more information direclty pointed out on the list to handle systems faster.

Best Rgs!

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