Major problems - FPS drop after playing for a while COOP

First Post,

Start by saying we love the Insurgency games and group of us run servers for every game published, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, and Sandstorm !

I have had issues running the game since release, have tried every settings I could find on the forums both Steam and here, online Nvidia, etc. I am pretty well versed and have been building gaming PC's since early 90's.

Yet, I am unable to determine why I am having so many issues with this game and yet my friends are not. I have upgraded hardware, reinstalled windows, the game multiple times. I still get stutter, but minimal since the last 2 patches.

My biggest problem now, we have a dedicated server and I can play fine without any FPS drop with 1-3 players, soon as we get 4-6 my Framerate drops single digit, to teens, sometime hovers around 30-40. Cant figure out why its just me and yet they are not having the issues ??

Asrock Fatality x299 MB
Intel 2066 -7800x
16gb ddr4 - Q channel 3000 w/ xmp profile
EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Black Edition
Samsung 4K 28E590DS 28" monitor

Century Link Fiber 1gb up / 1gb down

I can run BF5, World of Tanks maxed ultra no problem, Anthem...this game medium settings/TA is best I can do without issues.

The micro-stutter appears to have been resolved, but I still get frame drops and when I bring up the scope or drop quick stutter. Then seems like major frame drop after playing the game for a while including when we have more the 2-3 on the server.

I am open to suggestions and appreciate the help !

Since you seem to be experienced with PC's i won't comment much on processes running in the background (might be worth watching utilization!). But just to be safe, kill everything that is not necessary for testing purposes (my USB driver once used 20% CPU...) . Also, try other NVidia driver versions. Latest != best. Since i'm using an AMD card i can't recommend a specific version, but googling that shouldn't be hard.

As for game settings, generally, as a start use the "Low" video preset and apply.

Then set textures to "Medium" or higher, leave Shadows at "Low" for now, set antialiasing and anisotropic to your liking, scope quality "Normal", disable Frame Rate Smoothing.
Texture Streaming Pool to "High" can have a significant impact already, with the tweaks below you will probably be able to stabilize your fps even more.
Don't use "Keep loaded textures".

Now apply the tweaks over on reddit (all of em!):

They helped alot of people including those with alot less hardware power.
If that helped (i hope) you can now fine-tune the other ingame settings.

Hope it helps!

[Edit] Are you using an SSD?

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also have Samsung 1tb 960 Pro,

Tried all of the recommend settings, confirm MB settings, still plays very poorly and stutters non stop when we have 4+ players on the server.

I want to play this game, but probably have to stop since it's just adding level of frustration that ultimately makes me want to quiet playing PC games.

I have spent weeks trying to get the game to play without stutter or lag and no luck no matter what patch.

Guess I'll just stop playing it end my frustration.

Your hardware should be perfectly capable to run this game. There is some bottleneck somewhere, and from what you're telling you won't be able to fix it with ingame settings. So i'd recommend to use software like MSI Afterburner to take a look the utilization of both CPU and GPU. What OS are you running? Is it set to high performance?