I know there's been a lot of things about ambush since launch. I've seen a large amount of people request this.
After NWI has added ambush into insurgemcy2014 it had its own player base which had fairly large numbers. It was mostly played by people who actually like it and play it everyday. I myself have 400+ Hours in ambush alone. It is something that I deeply enjoyed and made me come back for more everyday. After playing push for a large amount of time it didn't feel all that refreshing. But ambush had this long lasting taste which gave the game more flavour. I know that not everybody plays ambush. Some play Push, Firefight, Skirmish exclusively. But this is something that a large amount of people from the previous community want. TDM was requested a lot and so was ambush. Can you guys add this fan favourite game mode into sandstorm please.

P.S this took 2 hours to write since I'm bad with words and stuff.

@muhammad I hope Ambush gets added back in. Mikee did mention on-stream that he knows that "...Ambush does have its own playerbase" and I think, if implemented right, a lot of new and current Sandstorm players would love the gamemode. As of right now, many Ins2014 players don't even know what Ambush is.

That being said, I currently want some of the major issues in Sandstorm to be addressed before NWI starts focusing on new content. They did say with the Hotfix that fixing key problems will be the focus of all of March.

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