FPS Drop when i press push to talk

When playing i get a very annoying fps drop for a split second when i press the push to talk. I can spam it and my game will play at 10 fps. how does the push to talk have anything to do with my frames, is it a glitch as this has never happened even in beta play. I updated my drivers and the hardware isn't a problem. with a gtx 1070, i7 6 core processor I was just curious on how to fix the issue.

Hey @BeinWhiteAintEz

Sorry to hear that. We have passed this on to the dev team, who will investigate the issue, thanks for reporting it.

almost the same here (already reported in another thread here)
i don't get fps drops tho, but a full second of the game completely stopping

i got audio divided between a DAC for output and the onboard realtek for input, running from a nvme (so that shouldn't be a problem)

didn't happen before, only after the last update