Random crashes constantly happening and I'm losing my mind

Hello all,
At random times I have crashes to desktop out of the blue.
I have usually around stable 80fps and this is not related to performance, it has to be something else.
I sent multiple reports already and I hope I can get a fix for this, because I bought two copies of the game to play with a friend and this is frustrating. Nothing like this ever happened to me in a game...

SteamID: 76561198006319342

Hey @JigSawPT
Very sorry to hear about that. Could you please describe exactly what happens when you crash? Also, if you can send us your DxDiag, that'll help us narrow down what might be causing this. Thanks!

Thank you for your answer.
Here you have my DxDiag and also the crash report log.

I keep having these random crashes and the only thing I can find as a constant is that they NEVER happen in the first 5-10 minutes of gameplay. Always after that, sometimes 15, sometimes 20-30. I never had more than 30 minutes of gameplay without a crash, which means that I never finished a game, which is extremely infuriating.
I really like this game and I just want to understand why this is happening and how to fix it.
You asked exactly what happens when I crash: well, I can be reloading a gun, shooting, just turning around and the screen will freeze and imediately i get a crash to desktop where a unreal engine report shows up, saying i don't have the symbols to display the error (i have downloaded the unreal engine and the symbols from epic games and i still get this) and that's it. I send and close.

One thing I would like to add, I doubt this is a problem but i've put every single exe file on the game folder as "run as administrator", this includes the exe for the game and also for EAC. I haven't tested the game without it because it seems counter intuitive but I will.

I hope someone can help me, I've created a refund ticket on steam although i played more than 2 hours already, and I really want to cancel it asap but i feel i'm afraid i won't be able to fully enjoy the game even with the hotfix, because i don't have performance problems, the game runs great.
I get the crashes which are even more frustrating because there's nothing i can do to be sure the game will work afterwards.



I'm coming back to report that I'm still having freezes after the most recent update.
The last one froze my screen, a sound was repeating constantly and I had to log-off the windows account and come back in.
It's not hardware because the system works normally afterwards and I've been playing other games with no problem.

I just now had the same UE error report CTD.
So this isn't fixed. Please help me.

SteamID: 76561198006319342