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hey guys, long time spintires player first time modder. ive got one mod in workshop working on second. anyways i have been watching Tattoos IK tutorial to set up my coil over shocks and after some trouble shooting with the code i have it in game and it looks great, until i noticed that my shock moves so much that you can see it leave its mount points. the whole shock seems to drift away from position (mount points) when under acceleration but when i stop it returns to where its supposed to be.i have the setup oriented straight up and down (90) as this is my first time through I am working with the 3 bone setup with all of them being linked back to a parentbone, in this case my chassis(frame) bone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hey terminator,

I’ve notice that that happens with spuns mods as well, so I think it’s a game issue. I could be wrong, but might as well hope he replies here.

@terminatorx58 yeah, I had the same issue, its more than normal. You have to get rid of that 3 bone setup on eacht end, use just 2, one upper and one lower, this worked for me and still works just fine.

You can use it I believe, but you have to make it exactly like tattoo to make it work I believe

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if you're not going with a cdt based suspension just use 2 bones for each coil (top bone and down bone) attach the base of the IK setup to the frame of the truck and the lower part of the ik also skin/weight it to the axle bone to get rid of any sinc issue with them, thats what i do also the top bone axis must be in the X ( AxisLocal="(1;0;0)" ) and the lower must be a slider pointing the first bone

Thanks for the replies!!

@wrangmog okay awesome man, I’ll just take the first bone out of the equation and go from there, on my first mod I had these long coil springs at an angle and I just weighted them like normal from axle bone to chassis bone and it was like spun said in one of his videos like a spaghetti noodle effect when flexed and at full droop so I knew I I had to do IK if I wanted them to act proper

@Forces alright great I was actually wondering if that’s why it wasn’t working out cause I didn’t go with the cdt collision based axles, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for clearing that up for me and I’ll make sure bottom is a slider and I believe the top bone is the hinge bone? Again thanks man. I’ll apply all this when I get off work and reply back

The help is very much appreciated!

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@terminatorx58, So you didn't use the CDT's? Now you didn't tell me that.


Yeah man sorry, I wasn’t thinking, yeah I didn’t get to the cdt part. I will do that in future builds. Baby steps.


So still cant get it to work right, still has whole shock moving as one piece and then returning to place when i stop moving, i took a bone out and re did code, shocks and springs are weighted to bone1(upper) and bone2(lower). Must be a problem with how i am linking them? i link bone2 and the shock and spring together then link them to bone1 then link bone1 to framebone.

@forces i tried attaching(by that do you mean link?) the base of my setup (bone2) to chassis bone(framebone) and weighted the bottom of springs and shock to axle bone, still didnt work, unless i did a step wrong or didnt attach/link properly. Also do you mean the lower bone(bone2) must be "pointed up towards bone1, i have it as slider in code i attached a picture for reference so yall can understand better and help point out where im going wrong.

BoneRR is rear axle bone ( i have front axle bone hidden as it is not involved)


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@terminatorx58 it seems right to me (xml, i dont know that good max it looks like a setup ill do on blender) also i never link bones like top > down i usually just link (child) all IK related bones to the main animation bones (Frontaxle Rearaxle Center bone) all down bones of ik go to the axles and all top of the ik bones go to the center bone, also skin just the end of the coil (the hinge or where you bolt it to the axle not the whole setup to the axle bone )


it animates correctly from what i can tell, just top does not stay connected top or bottom, here it is when im accelerating

Also pay no attention to the passenger side spring, it’s not skinned or anything it’s just a place holder

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I posted the working file to my tutorial in the description of the video. That would show you how it's all put together. I believe I did it in max 2014.

@terminatorx58 is this btw the Comancheep from bleepinjeep??


Thanks man appreciate it. I will check that out, I never opened the description, out of all the times I’ve opened that video! Feel kind of silly.


Yes yes it is. Couldn’t slide it past a fellow jeep guy, It’s not finished of course but I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out if I can just get these damn IKs working on this rear coils.

Also I’m using kwexporter to convert xfile, if somehow that’s related to this IK not working.

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@terminatorx58 I believe I use the other one, but cant remember which one.


Yeah I was using axe exporter until I started doing uvmaps and I couldn’t get them to take using axe but they worked with kw so idk. Just wondering if anyone else does their IK setup and exports with kw

@terminatorx58 said in Help with IKs:

until I started doing uvmaps and I couldn’t get them to take using axe

What do you mean by this? I use axe all the time and have no problem. Every model needs to have a uv map so I don't understand what you're saying here.

I'd like to know what version of Max you're using and where did you get KW from as I can never find it to try for the newer versions of Max?

@riskywisky Mods can see deleted post fyi, i deleted it as soon as i post it, i tend to have allot of tabs open while on the forums