changes that werent in the patch notes

please devs next time I want you to list everything that you add and tweak is that too much too ask
for example
1_we got a new animation when placing bombs on objectives (supply crate ) but still the patch notes didn thave it inside
2_new map tweak ( we got some maps changed ,windows barricaded,buldings placed etc
3_the insurgents got new backpacks and now the mask is visible on them

whetever you add or tweak I want to see it and read it

Hey @consolefreaked

Thanks for your feedback, we'll keep this in mind for the future. Have a great day!

For number 2 they did mentioned they changed objective C on precinct for Checkpoint Security, the terrible court yard. For number 3 they didn't list the backpacks but they did mentioned gas masks have been added onto the player models. Hopefully they'll add sidearms and grenades as well.