Posts seem to mention it here and there but usually in the form of some related complaint. i figured i aught to repeat it cuz it's something a lot of people do want. the imperium chaos and nids have a huge ship roster, like it's crazy how many combinations you can have outside of the meta where spamming avengers seems to be the thing. but i do like how you can have a lanc/macro/ordenance heavy fleet or some combination because there are specialized ships dedicated to it. but in other factions there seems to only really be generalists and not that much to choose from.
I figure an inexpensive easy solution is to give some ships more focus on one thing. like necron ships with only particle whips or dark eldar ships with phantom lances instead of scythe missiles.
I also really want to stress a point from another post i made a while back and it's that craftworld eldar seriously aught to have a battleship. it just feels weird that they have as few ships as they do, this probably requires a new model but yaknow i feel like i need to throw it out there.