different approach on team attack / team kill counter-measures

how about that, instead of punishing the team attacker/killer, why not compensate the victim by granting points coming from the attacker/killer?
e.g. hurt but still alive, victim receives the attacker´s points (capture, kill, whatnot) for the next minute or so; killed in the act, victim receives the entire killer´s score.
I think this bonification scheme will help reduce these incidents more than the current penalty which simply ruins game play ...
what do you guys (and gurls, too, of course) think about it?

Yeah, because that could totally not be abused in favor for the victim.

There are two different cases.

  1. Accidents
  2. Teamdamage/killing on purpose.

Accidents to happen and killing team mates on purpose can only be fought with punishment to the player that has done it.

@mefirst abuse? what are you talking about? if the victim gets the score the attacker is punished by losing the points. accidents need to be avoided, and, of course, repetitive kills will entail other measures as well. this is about not breaking the game as it is now as you get hurt or even killed and your game is done for without any compensation which i personally consider unjust ...

You can use that to boost the score of a player, which leads to him being able to unlock cosmetics faster.

I know that this is "stupid" but this will be abused, especially if the "offender" is not getting punished.

Apart from that, I think it is missing the point.

@mefirst read again, please, if you think the attacker/killer is not punished ...

Scenario 1:

3 friends join a coop server

2nd last obj friend 2 kills friend 1, friend 1 gets all his points.

Last obj friend 3 kills friend 1, friend 1 gets all his points.

Friend 1 now has 3x as many points as would normally get.

OK they say, that was a nice little earner, let's do that all over again...

Senario 2:

Troll joins a server starts shooting team mates randomly in the legs, some get really pissed and retaliate, kill Troll, Troll gets his points. Troll thinks great that is a nice little earner, I'll do that again and again and again...

Senario 3:

Troll joins server, jumps into every team thrown moly or incendiary, gets points...

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@gprologitech all very simplistic; a little ai on the side and these scenarios can be ruled out

So what do you have in mind for some if elseif else statements that would counter the simplicity of abuse?

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@gprologitech the transfer of points obviously needs to be staged, so that when I say "all the points" in case of a kill that would mean the score between the last starting point and the current position but never all-in from a thru e or whatever it gives.
also, the ai should recognize repetitive team attacks like in your troll example (s2) and deal with it accordingly.
furthermore, the last scenario should be ruled out entirely with location/movement logic: if the moly or incendiary actively locks with friendly target it is an attack, however, if it is passively damaging due to friendly approach the damage should be considered self-inflicted and ignored


Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting idea however IMHO the penalty needs to be a direct, easily understood experiential penalty rather than an abstract points penalty that someone may or may not care about.

I don't see that there can ever be a perfect solution and unlike many it seems, I don't have a problem generally with the current implementation, although I feel it could have further logic so as to recognise patterns of repetition or deliberate disregard rather than just mistakes.

I would also be concerned about adding too much more maybe complex logic processing, possibly client side in a game that already has performance issues.

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