After the patch, it is still impossible to report cheaters/harassers per dev instructions

According to dev instructions, we're to report cheaters/harassers by submitting the Game ID and time that the incident occurred in the playback. Because the you, the devs, did not fix the non-functional History tool with the last patch, it remains impossible to report cheating and harassment in your game, which has developed a fairly toxic community. Not sure why you guys are ignoring the problem, but just wanted to let you know that it isn't going away.

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You can fallback to giving them the steam id, a recording, the date, and time of when the match occurred.

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@kraeyq, thanks for the suggestion, but if you mean a recording that I make, there is not a place to upload a file on the EAC report page. Even so, a full game takes about 4-5 Gb, which is more than I care to upload. I also don't care to waste my time editing a video just so I can report a cheater/harasser.