Ban for 24h for leaving to menu after match

come on guys, yesterday after competitive match end i left to menu 5-10 seconds after last "victory" word. Match ended, I went to sleep and what I see today? I get ban for 24 hours. Iam a big fun of Insurgency, but when I cant play ill probably leave that game. Is there some way to do something with that?

Hey there @nikonem , very sorry about this. Your report has been passed on to the devs, who will look into possible solutions to this.

Same happened to me 😞

How long would the next ban be. Because what happens if my game crashes etc.

This is intentional as you left the match. The matchmaker will boot you out automatically, if not then that's a separate bug and should be rpeorted as such.

@arc So if the match is actually over (no more rounds to play) and you don’t feel like waiting to see the end results (which would not effect any of your teammates or alter the match in anyway) you will be penalized? And then for hours (24?) on top of that? Lmao these devs never seize to amaze me... tell’em to keep up the good decision making they’ll surely maintain a strong player base that way! 😘

Cool. 2 days ago my 24hr ban was removed (wich i got because i didnt want to wait for scoreboard etc) i got banned today again for 24 hours. This time my game crashed when loading into 5v5 match i closed the game form task manager, opened it up again rejoined the match. played it til 8:6 win to me. I wanted to play another match but now im banned for 1440 minutes.


@planetcanada Seems more like a glitch to me. Doesn't exactly encourage people to play Competitive. Granted, I strongly hate Comp so I am biased here.

@arc said in Ban for 24h for leaving to menu after match:

This is intentional as you left the match.

Yeah, but the game's over, so leaving doesn't change anything. Why penalize someone for doing something "wrong" if what they did doesn't even affect anyone in any way? In what logical plane of existence does that make sense?

@arc so, it happened again yesterday. I could leave without penalty when two players left game AFTER match and i went to sleep. Today tried join some competitive and i saw thisalt text
Come on guys, i really love this game, but its sooo annoying when you cant play with friends at evening because of ban bugs.