Extremely dark

I'm having an issue where any time I'm indoors and there is any visible daylight from outside, the indoor area becomes so dark that I can't see what is happening. Increasing gamma doesn't help, as it still mutes the whole inside area to a few shades of black.

Visual aid for the devs. Yes, this is persistent issue since I made the screenshot. This is under the default gamma settings.


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When my screen goes dark I look down and hit escape twice.

Same problem here. I wrote a thread about this issue some time ago: in this link

This is a nice example of the issue, image from my old thread:

It seems it tend to happend around corners. You can reproduce it as you want in the coordinates of that screenshot, while lying on the floor in that corner.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for reporting this. The devs are aware of the issue and are investigating.

Have a great day!