Major stutter including sound

I'm getting a ton of stuttering, usually a half second or so, where the game freezes, no input or sound works, and then I pop back to real time, usually with other players in different places then when the lag started.

I can take a video and send my config files, not sure what you need to look at this.

@jballou Also post specs to help the devs.

Hey @jballou
Sorry to hear about that. A video and your DxDiag would be very useful, yes. Thank you for reporting this to us.

sound cut out for 10 seconds for me today. weird ive never had that total sound silence before this latest patch. it was on the pvp servers if that makes any difference

I had that too today after patching to 1.1.1. Heard an ugly sound like my headphones being disconnnected from the pc, then absolute silence for a couple of seconds, then the audio came back again without any further problems. I had the impression VoIP caused it since a couple of people were talking right when it happened.

Using an Asus Xonar DG here, though i suspect the bug is caused by changes to the audio system in the patch.

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