My Complete Suggestions List

I've posted walls upon walls of text about certain topics, and I figured that maybe just recording some videos would be a better strategy than making people read a bunch of stuff. Of course, this is just my personal opinion of what I think should be changed in Sandstorm. If you disagree, then that's perfectly fine. I'm open for discussion lol.

EDIT: Added a TLDR to these videos as they're pretty lengthy. For anyone wondering why or how the hell I came to the ideas I did, the videos have more context.

A small key for the TLDR:

Bugs are just, you know, bugs. I'm also using bold text to show edited notes.

Suggestions are things that I think are totally optional, and occasionally they don't even have anything to do with the original purpose of the video lmao. For those wildcard suggestions, I just figured I'd talk about it while I was there.

Youtube Video

Damage Model Suggestions:

-> Shots-To-Kill are shown as None / Light / Heavy and are all grouped by caliber.

9x18mm - 2 / 3 / 4
4.6x30mm = 2 / 3 / 3
9x19mm = 2 / 3 / 3
.45 ACP = 1 / 2 / 2
5.56x45/5.45x39 = 1 / 2 / 3
7.62x39 = 1 / 2 / 2
7.62x51 = 1 / 1 / 2
7.62x51 AP/7.62x54r / 12 Gauge Slug = Always one-shots to the torso (at close to medium ranges, at least)

-> Possibly lower Buckshot effectiveness against armor, but keep Flechette as a good AP Buckshot alternative.

-> Suggestion: Possibly some kind of Medium Armor that would cost two supply, that would help protect against intermediate rifle calibers. This model has Light Armor protect against 5.56 and 7.62, and while I myself don't really like the idea from a realism standpoint, it seemed like the best option for game balance reasons.

-> The damage model idea I have in mind is more of an overall model; some weapons that fire the same calibers may have different shots to kill depending on velocity or if it's just necessary for balance reasons.

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Weapon & Supply Suggestions:

-> Bug: In the Firing Range, the Compensator on the M870 shotgun is unobtainable. This bug still exists.

-> While the Long Barrel attachment is out of the game, adding it to both bolt-action rifles by default while allowing for other barrel attachments like suppressors would help improve consistency with damage.

-> Greased Bolt and Stripper Clip supply cost should be lowered IMO (to possibly 2 and 1 supply, respectively); there isn't much of a point in penalizing the usage of a bolt-action rifle over a semi-automatic one, because there's already enough downsides with using a bolt-action already.

-> The M24 and Mosin could use a faster reload speed.

  • Possible Bug: If you empty the internal magazine (for the M24, at least) for both bolt-actions, it actually reloads faster than it would otherwise because you move your hand to the mag itself on a non-empty reload. It's at about 2:23 in the video. I'm not sure what the purpose of this animation is. The reload speed on the empty reload is pretty solid.

-> Bug: On an empty reload with the M24 (and maybe the Mosin) there are still bullets in the gun at the start of the reload. The Mosin actually has the opposite problem; when reloading bullets without a Stripper Clip, all the bullets are invisible.

-> Suggestion: I'd love it if the M16A2 had the long-range sight flipped down to the close-range one, but it's probably for balance.

-> Bug: In the Firing Range, the MP5A2's Extended Mag is unobtainable. Fixed

-> The MP5A5/A2 Extended Mag cost should be lowered to 2 supply. Not sure why it's so expensive compared to the Ext. Mags for other weapons.

-> G36k's unique ISM scope isn't worth 3 supply at all lmao. Two supply is probably a more balanced cost.

-> Bug: Weapons on the Firing Range sometimes bug out at the resupply boxes, although I'm sure it's a known bug. Fixed

-> 4x scopes on the new LMGs are virtually unusable.

  • Suggestion: Take the 4x scopes off of the M240B and MG3, but keep the 4x scopes on the M249 and PKM so the new LMGs are mostly for close-to-medium range engagements.

-> The MP7's 4-supply Extended Mag is a big oof. Three supply is a decent cost for 20 rounds.

-> SVD's 5-round Extended Mag might be worth two supply instead of one, honestly. The gun is deadly with ten rounds already.

-> L85A2's unique SUSAT scope isn't the worst scope in-game, but it's definitely not very impressive. If it only cost two supply, I think more people would use it. After using it more, I actually like the scope now.

-> Mk 14 EBR could definitely use a 30-round Extended Mag for two supply so it stays competitive with the SVD's 15-round Ext. Mag. Also, I think the Mk 14 EBR should cost the same as the SVD (so four supply). The SVD is 100% a better gun at the moment due to its one-shot potential, and the M14 EBR is only slightly better than the 4-supply FAL. Coming from a frequent Marksman, the M14 is definitely not worth five supply.

-> Suggestion: The Makarov /w a Suppressor becomes the Makarov Pb.

-> The M1911's Suppressor is way overpriced. It's worse overall than the M45 IMO. Make it two supply to line up with the rest of the pistols.

-> I'd like Security to have a 9x19 pistol option for 2 supply. Possibly the L106A1 as the PF940 is better, currently.

-> Both the PF940 and L106A1 have faster muzzle velocities than every 9x19 SMG (450 as opposed to 400 m/s).

-> PF940's Ext. Mag should be 2 supply at least (which was the cost before it was removed).

-> Suggestion: As a pistol main, we don't really get a lot of ammo for them. A possible Pistol Mag Pouch that adds more secondary ammo would be an interesting gear attachment that would take the same slot as the Gas Mask. You have more speed, but you make noise in smoke and are vulnerable to Chemical Gas.

-> Unlike its description, the Knife isn't very quiet lmao. I'd like it to be more of a silent option.

-> Suggestion: Some kind of knife takedown would be pretty cool (only from the rear). Aim-Down-Sight would be a good bind since there's no ADS ability for melee weapons.

-> Insurgents definitely need some kind of counterpart to the PF940. There's nothing even remotely close at the moment.

  • Suggestion: Possibly some kind of machine pistol like the Stetchkin APS would be neat to see.

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Class Suggestions:

This video is mostly just suggestions, although there are a few things I'd like to see changed for sure.

-> Suggestion: Adding specific attributes to each class would add some more variety and make classes feel more diverse/specialized. These are from Day of Infamy:

  • Commander: Fire Support
  • Observer: Fire Support, Captures Objectives Faster (like 50-100%) Observer actually already captures objectives twice as fast.
  • Rifleman: Increased Stamina
  • Breacher: Faster base movement speed
  • Gunner: Suppression Resistance
  • Demolitions: Increased Weight Capacity
  • Advisor: Has Exotic Weapons
  • Marksman: Longer Focus Ability (10-15 seconds)

-> If you're using 50-round drum mags for the MG3 or M240B, you get more drum mags that roughly equals how much you'd have if you were using box mags. My idea is two drum mags /w no ammo rig, four drum mags /w a Light Carrier, and seven drum mags /w a Heavy Carrier.

-> Suggestion: Gunner class gets more ammo overall for his Primary weapon. In general, you get (in total) one box mag /w no ammo carrier, two boxes with a Light Carrier, and four boxes with a Heavy Carrier (instead of three).

  • Tying this in with my previous idea, you'd still be at a disadvantage if you used drum mags over box mags. You'd still have the same amount of ammo overall (except for the Heavy Carrier, where you'd have 50 extra rounds /w box mags), but you'd have to reload more, which IMO is enough of a downside considering how slow the LMG reloads are in Sandstorm.

-> Possibly remove anti-vehicle mines from Breacher as I don't think mines make sense for a "Breacher" to have. Seems more like a Demolitions thing. C4 and IEDs are fine.

-> Possible Suggestion: Possibly changing up how Fire Support works. Maybe the Observer calls where the Fire Support will land and then the Commander chooses what Fire Support to call. Purely a ballpark suggestion, though, as that requires a lot of teamwork, and in a pub game, that can be pretty scary.

-> IMO, Advisor is a mix of Breacher and Rifleman, with a lot of carbine-type weapons. The SVD, however, doesn't really fit his class. My suggestion is just to remove the SVD from Advisor, especially considering the M14 EBR was taken out of his weapon list as well, which technically is the SVD counterpart.

-> Suggestion: ASVAL or VSS plz. It would be for Insurgent Advisor and could balance the Security SCAR-H, which would allow the SCAR to be buffed because it's currently equal to the AKM for some reason, despite firing the G3A3 and FAL's caliber. It could also replace the SVD and still offer a long-range option.

-> Suggestion: Just my fckin OCD, but maybe have black SU230 scopes on all-black weapons like the M4A1. Black sights on tan weapons look fine IMO (although the tan Holo on the tan SCAR-H just looks ebin). The SU230 is actually bronze, for some reason, and doesn't really match with much except for maybe the M14 EBR.

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Weight & ADS Suggestions:

-> Honestly, the point of this video is hard to really show. To get a feel for how the movement works, you'd have to just get in-game and test it yourself. It's hard to describe.

-> Weight and ADS are currently linked together, and honestly, I think it just needs to go. Your weight isn't on your arms, so why is ADS time slowed? I don't get it.

  • There is a reduction in recoil with more weight, but it's not very notable at maybe 10-15%.

-> Bug: Might as well mention it now, but the background on the Farmhouse Loadout menu can make some of the loadout information unreadable, i.e. the weight percentage. Maybe add a partially-transparent black box behind the information so you're able to read it regardless of the background.

-> SERIOUS BUG: There's a pretty large weight miscalculation with ammo rigs. Somehow, when all the weight is added up (for the video example which is at 2:16) the two additional mags for the Alpha AK weigh more than three magazines and the AK itself. This appears to happen for every weapon in the game. With the Makarov, one mag weighs the same as two mags and the Makarov itself (I actually fucked up the math in the Mak example lol). This has since been fixed. Bless NWI The bug is mostly fixed, but there's actually another bug where shotgun shells and rifle rounds for bolt-actions don't weigh anything at all.

-> TLDR, movement speed is way too fast with little weight, and too slow with a load of equipment. In other words, I think the top movement speed should be a bit less than the current amount, but weight shouldn't slow you down as much as it currently does.

-> What the hell happens past 100% weight? I honestly don't know.

-> Suggestion: Make the ADS speed for all weapons dependant on the weight of the weapon itself, or the weapon class, i.e. carbines, pistols, SMGs. If it's based off of the weapon class, then pistols would aim the fastest, then SMGs, then carbines, ARs/shotguns, DMRs, and LMGs/rocket launchers.

-> Players should be able to turn on a dime regardless of weight. Players with more weight will just take a bigger hit to their current speed than players with less weight, although honestly, all players need at least a decent decrease in movement speed on sharp turns (so zig-zagging to dodge bullets isn't viable). The current inertia mechanic which causes the player to slide around feels counterintuitive to the Insurgency: Source movement system, which was clean and precise.

  • I think this combined with a bit slower move speed with more weight is enough of a penalty to warrant going into battle with less equipment.

-> Bug: The bottle at 15:16 doesn't react to bullets very well lmao. It still doesn't lmao. NWI finally fixed this bottle lmao

Youtube Video

Hipfire Recoil Suggestions:

Hilariously, this 5-minute video can basically be summed up in one bullet point:

-> Hipfire recoil should be equal to the weapon's base recoil. Currently, hipfiring adds a bunch of vertical and horizontal recoil.

  • In the video, I actually figured out that hipfire increases recoil vertically by 40% (because crouching and hipfiring gave me roughly the same recoil spray).
  • Hipfire while leaning is especially bad recoil-wise.
  • ADS might lower recoil by its own percentage, still.
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Sorry but your videos do not really work for this as a base of discussion to me. You are rambling too much and so the videos are pretty unfocused. I tried watching the first video and tried to write things down, but you are jumping all around the place.

Maybe you could provide us with a shortlist of your key points.

@mefirst Yeah, I do ramble on quite a bit. The problem with typing up stuff in the Forums, though, is that usually, I end up with a large text wall lmao. While I have some ideas here, I also wanted to explain why and how I got to those ideas, hence the video length.

That being said, I'll write down what I think is the most key information from each one, just as a TLDR, because these videos are long as hell.

Added a TL:DR to all the videos!

Edited some parts that were outdated.

Thank you for this list! It'll be forwarded to the team!

I'd like to suggest an amendment to the damage model:

9x18mm - 1 / 2 / 3
4.6x30mm = 1 / 2 / 2
9x19mm = 1 / 2 / 2
.45 ACP = 1 / 1 / 2
5.56x45/5.45x39 = 1 / 2 / 2
7.62x39 = 1 / 1 / 2
7.62x51 = 1 / 1 / 1
7.62x51 AP/7.62x54r = one shot even through cover

Let's turn """Insurgency""" Sandstorm into Insurgency Sandstorm.

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@cyoce Eh, the thing about Ins2014 is that AP was a thing. However, with stock weapons Ins2014 was nowhere near that damage model with armor equipped. That model is closer to (just a rough estimate):

9x18mm: 1/3/8
9x19mm: 1/3/8
.45 ACP: 1/3/7
5.56mm/5.45mm: 1/2/4
7.62x51mm: 1/1/3

I'd still keep 9x18 and 9x19 pistols at a two-shot for an unarmored player, though, just so that .45 ACP actually has a reason to exist. .45 ACP can't one-shot Light armor lol.

Your model actually gives Light Armor more usefulness than Heavy Armor lol.

My biggest issue with this model, though, is that .308 is a guaranteed one-shot. Back when the Long Barrel made the .308 rifles one-shot, they were absolutely fucking disgusting, and I can guarantee that battle rifles would be the meta. I had one Checkpoint game with 100+ kills in a single round with a M14 EBR back when it one-shotted.

That being said, guns definitely need more f*ckin lethality.

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@chaton Appreciate it, man! It's a lot to forward, though lmao.

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@marksmanmax Why does it matter what the damage model was named? The fact that you have to click on the button labeled "AP ammo" to access it doesn't invalidate it. It's effectively Insurgency's standard damage model given the popularity of AP ammo. Since we no longer have the option to choose between damage models, it would make sense for the sequel to go with Insurgency's standard damage model instead of the niche "normal" rounds model.

Sandstorm battle rifles were overpowered back when they one-shotted because nothing else did. I don't exactly hear people complaining that the FAL is completely busted in Insurgency, despite the fact that it always one shots, even through cover.