BROKEN COMPETITIVE - "Players has left. You can leave match in 60 seconds without penalty"

This is such BS. This totally doesn't work!!!! I literally played 10 games being 4v5 and thought ok, one of these times everything will be ok. And yet again - another game, another 4v5.. And then this msg pops up "Player has left the game, you can leave in 60 sec without punishment" and so I did because I can only take so much. And here to my surprise I get a 90 F-KING minute ban!!! Are you kidding me ?!?!?! SUCH A BROKEN GAME! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!

So to recap - today I was team killed but was not able to do anything, I played 10 games 4v5 and in one game when I leave I get a ban. Amazing! Funny how I was looking forward to playing this game all week just to banned.. Nice... Just nice...

Maybe you misinterpreted the message. Did you leave after the 60 seconds or when you got the message?

@sad_panda , @yellyfoosh

These bans for leaving should go. so NWI sees feedback about players leaving and that it is annoying and they see suggestions about punishing leavers, what a great idea, nooobody will leave then, let’s implement it... 1 day later ppl with your experience pops up. What a surprise. There is a lot of legitimate reasons for leaving a match, and both bugs, joining unstable servers, meeting trolls/hackers/griefers are amongst those legitimate reasons - Now all of these are problems that no developer can ever eliminate completely, meaning there will always be legitimate reasons to leave a match. So how many people are rage quitting/ or just doesn’t care and how many leave for legitimate reasons?

Do you have these numbers NWI, because you have implemented a feature that will make players who leave matches for legitimate reasons leave for good because it’s too annoying. I hope you either drop this feature or have made a calculated choice with a thought out pro/con evaluation. You haven’t no? Then drop it.

Take me, I have not much spare time anymore, and when I do AND want to spend that time gaming, my fuse will be pretty short if given unreasonable bans when my goal is to wind down having a relaxed time gaming. 90 minutes is the same as a 7 days ban in my case, as I won’t wait 90 minutes one evening, or having multiple evenings dedicated to gaming each week. The average age of gamers is actually mid 30s, which means there should be a bunch of players in similar situations (meaning their time is precious and not to be kicked around).

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