The matchmaking is so broken I've played literally 10 games in a row being 4v5. Also, the game glitches so hard sometimes in competitive matches you get 5v6 players (like wtf, i know). And even considering that there are a lot of noobs or generaly misguided ppl that quit from competitive matches there is no report system whatsoever. After this terrible update there is still no punishment for quitters, AFK players, team killers or any other kind of nonsense. Some matches literally so bad where you already play 4v5 and you get a team killer in your team but you can't do anything about it. You can't shoot them back because all dmg is reflected to you and there is no way to report them because who knows. How can you make a competitive mode without adding a solid report system into the game? So basically, since the last update the game is unplayable due to hc glitches, broken matchmaking, no report system. I went from loving this game to hating it in a single update 😞 Very sad panda!