Engines Damaged Crit is Too Powerful

Engines crit is the go to, no thinking necissary choice in every situation. Engines crippled means a line ship is either not participating as much by falling behind, or a sitting duck waiting to be killed. It really hampers damage over time fleets, more so than burst fleets (but even still, why target any other system?).

I propose either splitting up the engines damanged crit into two like the table top (one reduced turning speed, the other reduced ship speed), that way there is one more crit in the pool. Or just reduce the chances of engines being crippled in general. That way, you can have a harder time getting the engine crit weighed against getting more of the other crits available.

Ideally a crit immunity when above around 85 - 90% of health would be fine. Currently yes, engine crits happen so often on cruisers or light cruisers. Even front facing my engine gets crit ( as chaos ) possible bug or intended I don’t know.

I'd say that all races should have multiple stages of engine crits and quantity of stages should depend on ship's class, dropping ship's speed to 50% at final stage. LC - 1 stage, C - 2 stages, BC - 3 stages, GC - 4 stages, BS - 5 stages. BS are already slow enough, so maybe they don't suffer any speed and turning penalties until stage 2 or 3. Boost should be lost only at the final stage. As of right now engine priority is a go to in 90% of the cases. Lowering crit probability of engine will fix the current situation a bit, however make it feel like you've been cheated out of the victory by becomming unlucky, or got lucky because of random engine crit against opponent.

Alternatively make it so engine crits are always yellow and can't turn into red, ever. Problem with that solution is that repair will become a go-to in 70% of the time, that's how important engine is.

And yeah, I rarely see correlation with crits and damage. I play orks a lot, and sometimes I take engine crit as I am approaching enemy with my front. Funnily enough eldar suffer the least from engine crits. I found myself benefitting a lot from targetting their generators instead.

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I absolutly agree that the current crit system needs to get fixed.

I like the ideas of ships having increased heavy crit resistance at high health. They dont neccessarily have to nurf light critical damage because its fixable and only a temporary debuff at best.