Just thought I'd say, long time Insurgency fan, great game I love it, TDM was a awesome feature that was added and can't stop playing it. Things I would love to see in the future though. For Security I think majority can agree that Patches, (Morale or country) Masks, different camos (being biased but I would love to see some Australian camos) should be added. I think that for the Combat pants the knee pads should change colour on different camos (e.g. sand colour knee pads for Polypat, DCU, Digital Desert etc) For Insurgents I think some more long sleeve shirts should have a rolled option (e.g. the track tops and hoodies so you can see the tattoos you bought) Overall for both sides I think that you should be able to change what backpack or armour you wear if that item is selected. Having different plate carriers would be awesome, even different camo plate carries to match what camo you wear. And gun camos should also be added (nothing like pink or anything extreme like COD) but basic gun camo like Sand, Brown, Green, etc. Insurgent forces could use maybe silver or gold but thats still in my eyes extreme. Again awesome game and hope that some of the features I listed above could potentially be considered.

Hello @The-Psycho-Gamer !
Thank you for the suggestion. I forwarded it to the team and I can already tell you that they are working on some of it as new content for an upcoming update ! Wouldn't want to spoil it too much though 😉 thank you again and have a great day!

G'day Raibi
Looking forward to this new update, I appreciate you replying and taking into consideration my suggestions 🙂

More feedback:
In TDM I customized a M16A4 with a 7x Sniper Scope, Bipod, Suppressor, and Laser Sight, and it made me think, it would be good if we had a SR25 (7.62x51mm NATO) because although I built the M16A4 to be a good Designated Marksman Rifle, it did not have the power since it was only 5.56x45mm NATO and mainly killed players in 2 or more shots. We only have the SVD Dragunov and MK 14 EBR (even though it's technically a Enhanced Battle Rifle) as our main go to Marksman Rifles. (SKS second) I know you guys work very hard to impress the community and cannot fulfill every players dreams, but this is what I'd personally like to see. Keep up the great work.

  • Psycho