Authentication error strikes back

This thing continued to appear after the "free major content update". It appears every match I play. 0_1551610545876_372f1e4b-2b8e-42b2-8bfe-c7c7ab522280-image.png

This error appears if your loading time is high due to less than minimum specs or if the anti-cheat is being blocked by your security software, router or ISP.

I tried to play with turned off anti-virus. The game loads normally, it works good, but then this kicking problem appears. I had this thing some time ago, but it dissapeared after a one update. Then it came back after the content update.

I also started getting this after the new patch. Never had trouble with this before.

It was fixed after the 1.1.1 patch. Thank you devs.

Fixed? Quite a few of us in our group are getting this error. Never experienced this until the latest update took place. Nothing to do with pc specs. Ours are well above recommended. No security software installed. Router has never been changed. ISP? All of a sudden they start blocking it? Out of the blue? Just that once or twice? Odd behaviour. I'd say if the ISP was going to block it, it would be permanent not intermittent.
There has been a raft of issues arising due to the last update. Prior to that, issues were fairly mundane in my opinion.
Now......its harder just to play the game.