Regarding the game’s state

The game has way too many bugs, grefing is still an issue, optimization is still a problem, some features are missing, and content is way too low

Best solution to the problems with the game right now(and this might be a terrible decision), is give the game fully modding(don’t know if this is the correct term) support with the unreal engine(like how Skyrim, the engine is fully open to the communit). This way, people in the commmunity can make new content by themselves and others can look at the problems with the game and give nwi ways to fix it. Idk if this is even possible but if it is, this is probably (IN MY OPINION) the best way to make progress on fixing this game fast while also keeping it fresh

I agree that the game is far from perfect.

But as I said in other threads already, the most important resource you need as a developer these days is trust from the players/customers. In the case of Sandstorm I do have trust. Every update so far has improved the game. There are less bugs and the game runs much better for a lot (not everyone) people. The developers also do listen to community feedback and implement suggested ideas without loosing their grip on their game.

The game will have full mod support btw. But I think Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls in general is a horrible example for this. Bethesda got extremely lazy in the last 10 years with their own content and quality because mods will fix it anyway. While mods are great in general, they should not be a lazy excuse to do sloppy work.

Waiting on the mod kit to fix a lot of these things, but I think a lot of the issues are in deeper game systems that need to be fixed before mods can address it.

I'm able to run just about any game at max settings and get 60+ fps, this game on med/low gives me 20-80 and frequent freezes.

It seems to be getting worse with each patch. so until that actually gets addressed, this is going to continue to drive players away.

After that, the gameplay stuff can be done via mods, but who knows when or if the mod support will ever be released. We were promised Lua support in Ins 2014 for about three years, and then it was just dropped when they moved to DOI/Sandstorm.