Banned for finishing a competitive match

Guys @ NWI,

This post is from a very unsatisfied gamer/customer!

I finished a competitive match and the server brought me back to the menu and this popped up...
A 24 hour ban! What the actual #@$%#^!??

This is way too early for an April fools joke...This update has given nothing but trouble; performance (lower fps, more game stutters), bugs (still invisible hands), leaver penalties when you finish a competitive match (not leaving the server!)..

What is going on!?!?!


Had this twice in a row. One ban over, played 2 competitives and another ban for 24h...

Don't worry the devs are aware of the issue and are working on it

Same issue for me , got ban 24 Hrs after finish a match, There is another ban bug, if you got DC in a game, and you come back in ( even if you win it ) , you gonna get ban for hours too .

Hey, very sorry to hear about that. It should definitely not be happening, so thanks for reporting it to us. It has been passed on to the dev team.

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Any plans to turn off the penalty system until it's fixed?

Seeing as there are less than a hundred people on who play comp, banning people for bugs is not going to make things any better.

@Jellyfoosh any way to make it unban? Completed match too and 24h ban...

@nikonem I hope they'll deban us ... there is not much competitive players and we're pretty all banned right now

@stllr my friend got banned 2 days in a rów for this for 24h and write it too here and in discord. No Way to unban, devs not answering

This is much unfair... Invisible weapons and sight, and now this Ban bug, this update is a joke ,its sad cause i discovered this game 1 week ago and the competitive mode is one of the best in FPS games, hope it will be fix asap