Poly limit for wheels/tires?

I'm sure this has been addressed before, but the search on this forum is junk (can't restrict search to ONLY Mudrunner forums AFAIK).
Is there a "hard limit" to the number of polygons that a wheel/tire can have? I know the limit for each mesh is 20k polys otherwise the game and editor will puke, but does that same limit apply to wheels/tires as well? Or is the limit lower for wheels/tires? I made a BFGoodrich KO2 in 3dsmax this morning, but can't seem to get it to work without crashing the editor. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

it applys to all, the limit its 18k poly/verts per meshes i've seen wheels well over 30k with splited meshes to each be under 10k to make them run in the game, and there are others limit but i've only figured out a few of them like max amount of controlled contrainst its 8 and 5 for steering controlled ones

Yup. 18 048 vertices. Didn't think to split up the mesh as both the poly count and the vert count were below 20k, but good to know it's actually 18k. Thanks again, my friend!