Invisible players - only floating vests visible

Sometimes during playing when the round starts all the players are invisible. I can only see floating vests and guns.
This lasts for the entire round and is usually fixed when the next one start.
But it can also happen on multiple rounds in one match. It also occurs even if I change between graphical settings (low, medium, high..).
You can imagine that playing ranked with bugs like this breaks the game..

My setup;
Asus VIII Ranger
i7 6700K
AMD R9 390
Windows 7 64bit

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I am also experiencing this but usually after I respawn.

Same issue. At first this morning my weapon wouldn't render for quite a while. Once it did the scope wouldn't render. if i pick up an enemy weapon, i couldn't aim it/look down the scope. The game is unplayable. I have been at it all day on multiple servers

Yeah, weapons wont pop in at all for me. Is now unplayable.

Is your game running off of a harddrive ?

Same issues, running game on SSD.