SERVER BROWSER needs improvements !

I would like to make some proposal to improve the server browser to the needs of players :

  • Please add a "Favourite" Tab/List AND a possibility to mark a server as my favourite so i can find it quickly in my favorite list

  • Please add a "Played Recently" Tab/List to be able to find a server which i played on a few days or weeks ago ( which i didn´t add to my favorite list )

  • Please add a possibility to search a gameserver by name or fragments ( for example : i just know the server i am looking for contains the words "Angry Bots" )

  • Additionally we urgently need the INFO of the SERVER NAME and IP ADRESS when pressing TAB ( Keybind : Scoreboard/tactical Map ) ingame to be able to tell friends on which custom server we are playing so that they can follow on the same server.

  • Please add the possibility to join the same server on which friends are playing by just following them by steam friends option. ( can´t be impossible to do that as many games offer this function ) Makes things much easier when trying to find steam friends games to follow them into the game.

These are important features a server browser and a multiplayer game should offer their playerbase, at least in the year 2019.

Thank you in advance !
Would like to see my suggestions supported by community members. 😉

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Seriously , these points are important , that´s why i push this one up !

Hey there @GSG_9_LIGHTNING

Thanks for these suggestions, we've passed them on to the dev team. 🙂

Yup, those are up on the list as well as new content!