necron ships need more variants

necrons have very few ship variants. light cruiser gain more variant, but need more variants for larger size ships

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like scythe cruiser with 5 gauss particle whip

and necrons have no ordinance. no torpedos, no bomber and assault craft. only few interceptor and star pulse for ordinance-counter purpose. and it's easily feels boring and underpowered. necron fleet's primary firepower is enough as their ship class, but not enough as their point value. and no ordinance? of course, necrons have star pulse and Inertialess Drive, but that's too simple to use, hard to escape, and not enough firepower.

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what about kinda supercarrier for necrons? they have no cargo capacity except 'emergency doom scythe' but use some gigantic portal for connect their tomb world's cargo between battlefield.

@wastesoftime Currently all ships in game are the ones necrons already possessed, which is somewhat infuriating as the other faction with a low ship count got 17ish new ships (druhkari). Also, a lot of the things about the ones in game are wrong, like for example the reaper BC is missing its sepulchre, the kopesh and cartouche are have incorrect models, and the energy drain variant of the Cairn doesn't exist, so the necrons are actually in possession of one less ship than they actually have.

They definitely need more ways to play. Currently the issue that they have is that they are, even with the limited equipment available, monobuild. You Build mass recall light cruiser+dps or you never catch anything because they have the worst mobility in the game. You take pyramidal reconstruction or you get annihilated by crits because no shield. And you take cruisers or higher for dps, despite the Jackal being the only ship even close to worth its points, because you need starpulse or you die to ordinance. On the matter of DPS, last I checked a Cruiser costs more than a apocalypse class battleship, while having lower DPS and regenerating slower when counting shields. Also an apoc has more Ap.

There are roughly 30 threads about necrons on this forum last I counted (the second most common after general balance threads) and none of the issues about them have been resolved yet. They still regenerate slower than shielded ships even accounting for armor and its capped for no explainable reason. They still can't turn or dodge anything due to no maneuver gauge, so you auto lose v nova spam. No shields means constant boarding and crits as well. They used to auto lose to lance sniping, but those got annihilated, which isn't really a fix and more of an "oops we broke the problem". they still have as mentioned no variety, they can't really jump ships out as they have no shields and thus a) wont survive when that low and b) can be boarded instantly due to again no shields, their pathing is still kinda weird and often won't turn when parked and ram each other, their can't vary their loadout because they have to fill the slots with mandatory admiral skills, they have no way to deal with staggered ordanace (ie if you fire it in waves you have more ord than they have starpulse and fleet numbers are low so less turrets), and their stats per points are much lower than other factions, a problem when considering their are always outumbered.

Anyways, on the matter of ordinance, during the orphean war, the only proper fleet battle against the necrons to date (ie an actual fleet being present, as opposed to one or two vessels), they used the hearts of dead stars as projectile weapons to break the IN battle line, rather like torpedoes, so that could work. On the matter of carriers, they have 4 kinds of void capable strike craft (2 fighters, 1 Bomber, 1 transport) so logically they should have carriers. i actually originally thought we would be getting one because of all the fighters in the first trailer, but it was not to be. There is a lot of potential for other kinds of ordinance and skills, like the weapons that can teleport things inside of other ships to destroy them like asteroids that was present in TWE, or the kind of solar stuff that ships known to eat stars could get up to, like firing solar pulses. Hell, most necron weponry lines aren't represented in space right now. Its just Gauss, particle, and solar (lightining arcs shoot solar energy, they aren't actually tesla). The kinds of weapons they haven't used are: Gravity/black hole weapons, transdimensional weapons, tachyon weapons, synaptic/lepton weapons, whatever a doomsday cannon is, thermal weaponry, death ray variants, chronal weaponry, psychomancer weaponry, tesla weaponry, ethermancer weaponry, alchemical weaponry, plasmancer weaponry, etc.

The stuff I personally want first is simple things, like correct color schemes for subfactions, emergency warp jump->phase out (in both name and function), and subfaction effects that actually do things (like maynarkh/thokt's special gauss).

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I feel like they can elect just to make stuff up now, Games Workshop has really come around in that respect (Given the majority of the Drukhari fleet from this was made just for this, and most of the Vampire Coast roster and a single Tomb King unit in Total Warhammer 2 were also made up for that game).

It's nice to know Tindalos' hands aren't tied if/when they do decide to flesh out (Ironic pun intended) the Necron roster.

@nin6 Per point unless things changed in the newer patches the necrons have the least dps per point. The Cairn has a lot, but thats because it costs half a fleet, but isn't worth its weight in retributions the last time we did damage calculations (which was post armor change).

You get only two kinds of pizza, cheese and sausage, you fly those around the map and be happy :P. Necron choices from my understanding have been like this always in the tt so its understandable.

@wind459 they are actually lacking one Cairn variant, the energy drain one. They also have a bunch of strike craft that aren't in game. The Cairn might not seem like a big deal, but when you only have one BB option a variant is a doubling of options.

new necrons will be happening
names are actually in the files already
no idea what they will be tho as they will be fully new ships

not that they can just make up anything
it takes a lot of negotiating with gw as they need to approve of every new thing

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@ashardalon WAIT WHAT YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hype is maximum.