Gun models, munition models, and player models taking a long time to load in

Gun models, including munitions, are taking over a minute to load it, with no hands or anything, just a blank screen. I usually run the game on very high or high settings, and my computer can more than take the graphics. This happens over all maps, i have tried to restart the game, and my computer to no success. Also a significant drop in framerate due to this new update, about 10-20 frames, to be exact. Attached is some proof of not-rendering player models, along with my computer info. Due note i am running a Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card.

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I'm having the same problem, sometimes my models don't load in at all.

Same here. Always had this problem, but it has gotten worst since last update.

Even after my gun loads I'm quite often not getting my scope until the first flag goes.
I can't grab weapons off the floor now, as they won't be ready to use for 3 or 4 minutes.
With the lag/jerkiness (maybe it's some kind of slight rubber-banding) This patch has made it go from running pretty nicely to really horribly for me.

Same here, tried all different types of settings. also find when spectating players will be missing hands and weapons.

GTX 1070

My hands don't load in either. My only option is to restart the game. THIS IS GAME BREAKING! This used to happen when I played the alpha, but that was an alpha! This is full release. This bug stopped before the update, now it's back.