Banned for leaving

Joined one competative match.
At the beginning both keyboard and mouse were unresponsive so I Alt+F4. then start up the game again.
I am able to rejoin the match and play the rest of the map. Only missed the first round.

Then when I try to search for a new game Im banned for 30 mins since I left early.
Thats not right in my eyes, I joined back.

Hello @matsm
Unfortunately, players can now receive 30 minutes penalty after leaving the game. During this penalty, there is no way to re-queue in competitive matchmaking. Once the 30 minutes passed by, you will be able to join the game as if nothing happened.

@Raibi you really do need to have a word with the hierarchy about this, there are too many breaking "game restarting" issues and bugs at this stage to impose this kind of penalty on people, this will do far more harm than good at this stage even if the intentions were logical

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@Raibi so why then AFTER match i get 24hrs ban? AFTER completed match...