Big list of idea lore+balance

I have many suggestions up to now about balancing and making game more lore friendly and replayable (more possibilities means prolonged interest to experimenting)


  1. Launch bays

• Limit the launch bays per fleet.

Reason: 16 bays per tyranid player; 32 bays — 2 tyranid team. Speed 400 allows to launch 2 waves of harpies at the same timing (just follow the first wave and use adrenalin to rush up to them, you get 2 wave just upon the first one).

That is insanely stacks 64 squadrons of harpies on enemy, which makes impossible to counter this. Then comes 8 boarding pods with 12 soldier stack each…

Same problem with 6 carrier spam orks/chaos/imperium. Stasis bombs are slowing down the enemy so it's impossible to get close enough.

Solution: There is a way to remove spam - limit it. 12 bays per fleet is more than playable. Using them wisely for surgeon strikes, or covering up allies, recon the space e.t.c.

• Squadrons AI should be improved.
Reason: It's ultra dumb when your fighters follow the red dot and when the red dot is disappearing in the cloud - they turn around even if they are 1000 units away. MISSION FAILED. WE'LL GET HIM NEXT TIME!


Solution: fighters/bombers/pods should follow to the last known location of the enemy ship and patrol the area like you send it to null location. And if they encounter the targeted ship - they will pursue it.

But if the targeted ship remains stealthed - they will follow up to the closest dot/ship even if it's escort

10 seconds pause before engaging another ship should allow the enemy to counter the squadrons or move away from them.

• Squadrons stats
Reason: not lore friendly at all. Eldar bombers are slower than orks fightabombers/pods, orks dodge is better than imperial e.t.c.

Solution: As I see it:
#Orks should have 2-3 more fighterbombers, but reduce to 1 toughness with 80% evade, or leave 2 toughness but reduce evade to 60%. Also ork fighter/pods speed should vary from 400-600 by random for EACH aircraft.

#Eldar should have 1 less aircrafts but improve evade to 80%, they should outspeed most ships so fighters will have speed of 700 and bombers should be 550.

#TechPriests should have better versions of each aircraft, making them 2 aircrafts less but 3 toughness with 75% evade. Also +50 speed fighters/bombers/pods than now. Bomber damage should also be slightly buffed.

#Tau fighters should be left with stats but bombers should be upgraded to 3 toughness, as their model considered armoured and military. Also this will give them more survivability than now because of their low quantity.

#Space Marines should be given thunderhawks for each purpose. It's lore friendly. It's faster then IN bombers by lore so they all should be given speed of 500, toughness of 3 and evasion of 75, BUT reduced aircraft to 4 on fighters.

#Tyranids/Chaos/Imperium/Necrons should be bases as now I think it's balanced.

•Boarding - the pain of this game.

Reason: The boarding can be never be BALANCED but I have some ideas how to make it viable but it is attached to my other ideas as well.

Solution: Lightning strike and boarding action should have common charges, because the ammount of troops that can be deployed from 1 ship must be limited. It's near absurd how you can board around ~50% of your TOTAL CREW. 27 assault actions total from lightning/boarding

Also the ammount of assault actions should depend not only on tonnage, but on a race too. Space Marines should have less assault stacks, because they're not just the grind meat, Chaos should have more, because they have many cultists and slaves.

Also give every race unique boarding trait. For example Chaos should draw morale due to chaos infliction on the ship and crew, Space Marines also draw morale dew to their status in Warhammer Universe and e.t.c.

• Escort rework. Best choice. My seeing but I hope people and you, devs will share it.

Reason: 2 ork BBs lose to 3 stealth escorts. Map control. Stealth. Everything needed to be said.

Solution: Attach escorts morale to the Line Ships quantity on the map. When all Line Ships are destroyed - escorts should be left with 100 morale and reduced to 0 in 1:40 minutes (1 morale lose per second).

BUT they should not decap or cap any more points after this point.

It should allow to ram the damaged enemy, or wait for the points to tick, in case victory is an option. 1:40 minutes should be enough to allow both options. This is fair and balanced option to the escort status.

• Point capture rate
Reason: you know, realism + balance.

Solution: Point capture rate should depend on tonnage, yes.
BUT you should leave the escorts with the ability to cap - only with 3 escorts at the point at a time in 1vs1 and with 2 of them in 2vs2, with the speed of a light cruiser capture rate.

Also each escort should faster the cap rate of Line Ships by 10%.

• Engagement distance rework.
Reason: some passives work on 4500 distance or beyond 9000. It really hard to maintain same distance with the larger ships, so sometimes on 4500 they are going beyond - even on 4600 armor penetration wouldn't work already.

Solution: Make distance meter on tiers


It's vital to give people distance -500 and +500 because the long range ships will have an ability to evade the closer engagement
And make the slider to chose the actual distance on these tier. It'll make games more interesting and action-like.

This is raw idea and it can be improved. But the problem is indeed taking place.

•Command skills rework.
Problem: A very vital problem is 10 stacks of fire and ability to use 42 torpedos every 40 seconds in 2 vs 2 just taking 7 Lunars (1 player) and 84 torpedos with 14 of them.

Repair cooldown is a vital problem you either get morale broken either broken everything.


On navy:
Repair should be given 3 charges with cooldown of 20 seconds, because every ship should be complicated with more than 1 team. But - the cooldown for each TEAM should be 2 minutes. For example - you use 3 charges in 60 seconds, the next avalible charge will be avalible in (140-60) 80 seconds.

Also - if the repaired part of the ship, for example generator gets the red crit next 15 seconds as the repair team fixed the light crit - this repair team dies. Lore friendly, balanced.

• Torpedo spam is breaking the game.
Reason: 84 torpedos on the double lunar team every 40 seconds. Sounds legit!!! Even 3 carriers can't get all of torpedo salvage under squadrons and brace for impact.

Solution: limit the torpedo ships in the fleet to 3 line ships. But to 2 ships if any BB has torpedos (not allowing 3 Retributions, but 2 of them or retribution+armageddon). Also excluding light cruiser or escort torps, so people can take cobra or endurance out of limitation due to their low torp ammount.

•Skills and abilities: I know it's a tough call for the devs, and maybe I want too much but I hope Devs as

community share the love to this game and hope to see to make it shining example of how warhammer games should be made.

Reason: I want to play Iron Warriors - but what's the sense, when the gods have better skills?

Solution: Make up 5 standard and 5 unique passives and actives on each subfraction. I know it's a tough call - but we, players eager to help with lore friendly ideas. I am sure we have back masters here and they will surely help.

Balancing should not be a tough problem, because most of good skills only applied to the flagship, not fleet.

BTW the lost and damned god cults should have gods' abilities (like Thousand Sons or World Eaters). Chaos undiveded should have basic stuff. The heretic tech priests should also have something relatable to the tech priests.

I hope we'll see this in close future. And everyone can help with this global idea.

This will make the game ultra replayable and interesting. The main key to success.

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