Guns not loading.

Any chance this might get fixed by a hotfix? I can barely play the game. If I have to wait for another major patch I might as well move on to something else.

I used to have this problem before the update. At this time, pressing M and resupplying was enough to load what needed to be loaded.

Since the update, I have continously this bug. Nothing seems to work in to solve this problem...

@cachetito302 Try turning post-processing up.

I also have this problem. It's a great shame, because it wasn't too bad before the update (usually I'd wait about 1 death before my gun would load) but I just got into a game of push and my gun didn't load for a solid 10 minutes. I also find that other assets don't load - I see people without hands, bodies etc and sometimes cant see my opponents because they haven't loaded in yet! I have a fairly powerful system (gtx 1060 with a big oc, i5 6500, 16gb) and all my graphics stuff is updated and should be perfect. I hoped the patch would increase popularity, but from what I can tell playercount is down big time - these issues need to be fixed if the game is going to survive (oh, and don't expect a console launch for years with the issues that still exist on PC)

i have the same problem

@korho Try tweaking your settings. I ended up turning post-processing up and it helped with the problem for some reason. I have everything on low except textures and post-processing. Dont ask me why it helped but it did.

Thanks for the tip MLB7, but it does not work for me... Really hope that this issue will be soon solved, as it is quite a discouraging bug. Who would like to play a FPS without even seeing the gun?

Thanks @MLB7 it really helped

Have the same issue since last patch + sounds cutting / not loading properly. Can't really play without sound and any way of aiming without any weapon 😢

@KORHO Np, glad it helped.
@cachetito302 @Noklay link text <----steam post from NWI

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Same issue here. It happened before the patch but I could shake it by aiming straight up and then going to the class menu and back. Now, invisible gun and who knows where I'm shooting. I'm about to put a Tape X on my screen to show where I am aiming. Need Help now!

I moved the game from HDD to SDD, and it is a lot better. The “guns not loading” bug still arises from time to time, but just for a few seconds. The game is enoyable again, but performance is still far from perfection...

My game was more fluent and the textures loaded quickier before the update, whereas the game’s folder was on HDD. That is, I believe that this update made performance worst than it was previously for me (and performance has never been great).

I hope the devs will keep on working on improving the performance issues, since the game is really great otherwise.