All I want to say is that I feel it needs a good look over. The following are 2 issues that I run into the most often including a description of said issues.
This is not a rant, just explanations as to what I’m seeing first hand and what I believe is happening.
I’ll record some gameplay next week in an attempt to show these issues in action.

  1. Character De-Sync.
    This is essentially the character model facing 1 direction when they’re actually facing another direction. As well as when a character is running or in mid-run animation then stops to shoot but on your screen, he’s still running. Anything that’s essentially the server showing the character doing 1 thing when in reality he’s doing another.

It’s not the most annoying issue but one that does need to be fixed. I see this a lot in the new TDM mode.

  1. Hit-Registration (Hit-Reg)
    It’s about 60/40 on accuracy. But I’ve shot people in the head, clear as day, blood spray included, and they live, I die, no trade death.
    It’s not horribly bad but noticeable and very frustrating knowing you’re hitting your shots and the server/game saying “nope!”. I’ve been paranoid in the past wondering if I’m just missing but I’m certain now that I’m typically on point but my shots aren’t always registering.
    It seems to be worse with higher pings (90+).