Since First Major Content Update, the frame rate is now declining greatly.

Since First Major Content Update, the frame rate is now declining greatly.
Prior to updating, we kept approximately 80 to 144, but after updating, the phenomenon that the frame rate drops extremely frequently occurs. In severe cases it will drop to about 30 fps. It will not be a game. It is too bad that the frame rate fluctuates more than 100 fps in the first place. At that time, the usage rate of CPU and GPU is very low, less than 50%. Why does the frame rate go down to this point even though there is a margin in the processing power of the PC? Please raise the frame rate using the remaining power.

I have a similar issue. Unfortunately, stability and frame rates are both worse for me.

I already reported the CTD with the auto feedback form.

As for frame rates, have noticed something odd. I messed with the settings during a local coop game to see if I could make it any better and noticed that it seemed to be a COMBINATION of MEDIUM SHADOWS and ANTI-ALIASING (tried FXAA, SMAA x1 & TAA).

Obviously, these can be expensive, but what is notable is that when combined, the drop was extreme (I had down to 13 FPS when I'm usually around 60). The other notable thing is that it only happened with MEDIUM shadows. When I shifted to HIGH shadows, the extreme frame drop went away.

So, yes. For me anyway, running with HIGH shadows rather than MEDIUM actually gives me better and more stable performance.

DxDiag attached.


I also changed the shadow setting from middle to high exactly as you did, and the phenomenon of extreme frame rate reduction during the game was corrected. Apparently Insurgency Sandstorm seems to have serious trouble with processing around shadows and antialiasing. However, the development team does not seem to notice this. I would like the development team to find the cause of the problem as soon as possible and fix it. The other thing that I am extremely troubled about when I play is that the gunshot sound vanishes midway when I shoot. It is hard to judge whether it has run out of bullets, so I also want you to fix this as soon as possible.
Thank you very much "JLX"

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