Any thoughts on the MR2 Survey?
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I would love to have real diff lock settings like the real trucks in real life. I mean, most of the trucks don't have diff lock, and that include C-255, D-535, or even E-7310!

Of course, if you do that, you will have to review the coefficient of frictions of some surfaces (if not all of them). Quick exemple: currently with a 6x6 loaded truck on pavement -> without diff locked, 1 or 2 wheels are spinning. Same on gravel: I feel like the wheels spin way too quickly without diff lock engaged. In mud, wheel spinning without diff lock is okay.

The aim is this idea is to force the player to use more often dedicated vehicles (such as skidders and forwarders). It seems you started to do that in American Wild, by adding trucks that basically suck everywhere but pavement.

EDIT: one other nice addition would be to have collision axles. Currently axles can go through rocks, trees, etc... which remove some challenge

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@minikeum the vehicles have always been somewhat dedicated or had "roles" if you will. certain vehicles shine better in certain areas of use. only the game is set up so it is really up to the player if and how they actually want to use those vehicles. uaz (A type) has always basicly been the scout role, B types seem to fill support roles well, C types for the job of logging with the D and E types bringing up rescue support. only the players decide if that is the way they want to fill the roles in that way. i do agree though that AW dlc has changed some things. my only hope is that the changes have some value or reason down the road with this new version.

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