MP5A5 & G3A3 Staged Reloading Suggestions / Possible Reload Bugs / Firing Range Bug

I say "possible" since I'm not sure if it's intentional or not:
Youtube Video

To sum up what I was talking about in the video:

  1. The MP5s and G3A3 should have another reload stage right when you lock the bolt IMO. It doesn't make sense that it's not saved without taking the magazine out.

  2. When the mag is taken out of the MP5s or G3A3 with a shot still loaded in the gun, firing the last shot in the chamber locks the bolt back. I'm not sure if this actually makes sense or not (hence why this isn't in the Technical section) but I don't think that's correct.

  3. In the Firing Range, if you're standing next to the supply cache and you change your loadout, your weapon bugs out and is fixed by switching weapons (Happens at 2:05 in the video).

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Nice catch. You're spot on - the MP5 absolutely does not work that way in real life. The charging handle will never move on its own, it's not possible.

Nice video, it makes the bugs much more clear than trying to describe what's happening.

@maa_bunny Yeah, I recorded it because I knew actually trying to vocalize the issue would be tricky.

Why get other people to do it in-game (like the devs, for instance) when I can just show me doing it in-game lmao.

Sadly, I have basically no editing experience, or recording this would be way smoother-looking in the end loat