Are Drukhari currently underpowered?

IMO, drukhari is no longer competitive viable faction in 1v1. With the new possibility to pick fleet/admirals skills in deploy mode and the fact that ANY competitive fleet includes at least 1-2 escorts, Drukhari can no longer rely on their main source of protection - invisibility. And when it comes down to brawling, they can not trade damage with any factions. Drukhari's ships is heavily overpriced for what they are doing now.
What do you think, guys? Do you feel they are underpowered, or it is just my low skill? If you think they are ok, what fleets do you use and what tactic do you practice?

I would say yes they are underperforming. Their hanger and impaler ships are too expensive to justify them as a boarding faction. Currently people just use the 8 shot torpedo battleship ( even after the price increase ). I don’t think this is how they are intended to be played. I would pick them up if they were more interesting to use if their boarding oriented ships were more competitive.

The torpedo nerf is a step in the right direction but their torpedo cruiser is still cheaper than the single charge impaler cruiser which is absurd.