Game crashed, rejoined competitive game. Still got leaver penalty...

Yea.. Game crashed, rejoined the game and played the whole match but still got a leaver penalty.

Fix pls

Hey @Turyl,

This is actually an intended behavior for now. You'll have a 30-minute penalty during which you are not able to re-queue in Competitive Matchmaking.

@chaton that's absolutely ridiculous. You should not get penalized for the game crashing. There needs to be enough of a grace period to rejoin before getting the penalty. People wanted this to stop rage quitting and to prevent re queuing when things aren't going their way. Not when something that's completely out of the players control happens. This needs to get fixed asap.

To be fair, @chaton did say "for now", implying that they're planning on changing it.

@chaton Thanks for your reply. I understand that a leaver penalty would be a nice way to incite people not to leave. But for game crashes and freezing its just ridiculous.

Today it happened again. My game froze while loading into a comp match. I rejoined as soon as i could. We played 16 ROUNDS. Afterward i STILL got a leaver penalty but for 120 minutes this time!

I'm not trying to come off as angry. But its really quite frustrating...

Possible solution

-You should be able to avoid a penalty by rejoining and playing till the end of the match.

-Also maybe if you rejoin in a certain amount of time you avoid the penalty as well.

@marksmanmax I'm confident they will fix the problems with the leaver penalty. Which btw i'm glad they added it. Just needs to be refined.

Same thing happened to two of my friends, one got a 95% loading freeze and had to alt+f4, and the other just crashed randomly in game. Both rejoined and played the rounds out, but both got leaver penalties. Frustrating to have to wait up to 30-120 minutes to play with my friends after a crash when it happens on loading into the match.