VERY annoying flashes on screen


Since the update I get this weird flashes on screen, they appear for like 0.1-0.2 seconds almost all the time, sometimes it stops for 15 seconds and then it begins all over again.
It's almost unplayable, sometimes I can't see enemies because there is a flash.
Here is 3 pictures :

Please fix it I want to enjoy the game 😞

Are you using custom config file (Engine.ini) ?

no I didn't change anything

@arc I played yesterday after I post this thread and restarted the game and the problem was mostly gone
I will tell you if it comes back when I play tonight

Anyway great game, great update and great team, please don't listen too much to most of the cry babies in these forums, even if you fix everything they will still find something to cry about.
There are some problems it's true but I trust you to fix them when you can and most of them are only a bit annoying.

Just for you to know (and not make another thread) the most annoying for me are :
rockets exploding to your face when fired close to cover
gas mask animation bugged
fire support confirmed but not working
explosive drone bugged pathing
the gamma/luminosity bug