Post-28th February patch bug list


These are the bugs/glitches I discovered after playing a couple of matches in Coop and having a go at the shooting range.

  • Hands and weapons still missing, worse than before the patch. At the start of EVERY match, so far. Takes many seconds to become normal, which it usually does. Slow loading textures? Going to load-out screen and back doesn't work immediately.
  • Attachments are also very often missing, can be remedied by the load-out screen trick
  • When spectating, some player models don't have moving animations, they just glide and occasionally glitch and fall down through the earth,and pop back up again. This happened even before the patch. The spectated players can have pings anywhere from 30 to over 100, doesn't seem a ping issue.
  • After successfully defending a point in Coop, some enemies can vanish in thin air even as you are engaging them.
  • Machine gun visuals are often wrong when using one and especially when spectating another player. Bullet belt protrudes out into the air in an odd angle. Optics don't work, ADS results in a zoomed picture without any optics. Changing the weapon helps sometimes. Going to load-out screen doesn't.
  • If you happen to die on the shooting range, model of the previous chosen weapon will remain in the load-out screen, even if you're choosing a new weapon. I for example had a picture of PKM over every other weapon I tried to choose. This remained for the rest of the range time. The PKM was a static picture, where as all the other weapons I tried could be rotated around and scopes etc. could be attached.

Hey @Seebu,

Thanks for pointing out these issues! I'll pass them on to the team!

@chaton Thank you!
Please also forward my previous post to them, if it hasn't been acknowledged before:

Sure! Will pass along 🙂