Logs don't collide with trees (PC)

They collide with everything else, so why not trees? I feel like I'm cheating when my sideways-transported logs go through trees. It's not just an issue with the mod truck pictured here. I noticed this long ago with the K-700 as well.


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let me check that out because i have some trucks with their colision set to Foliage, so logs may not hit/collide with them either

Yeah it goes down to the Dynamic collision of the Log models, its now hitting any of the tree models of maps but it does hit client models (user models), if i undestood any lua at all i might be able to read the lua files of the game wich define how stuff works side by side to any code in the .exe file of the game,

edit 2: but it also happens in Spintires the original game so is something of the game and maybe a way to optimize the overall game experience

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@forces said in Logs don't collide with trees (PC):

edit 2: but it also happens in Spintires the original game so is something of the game and maybe a way to optimize the overall game experience

Sure it could be considered optimizing, but at least in MR and with today's computers it should be totally unnecessary. I think what happened with the game is that the devs figured long ago that logs colliding with trees was unlikely to happen and so didn't need to be checked, but for me that changed with the Ridge DLC where you can get long logs spawning at small sites surrounded by trees, and that's where I first noticed the issue.

@unster longs dont spanw only if your truck has something in the kiosk, like a crane claw or a trailer near the line of the longer trees, the kiosk spawn sites in the ridge are fairly open (other trees are away from them)
about the pc yeah sure but since this game is also on consoles and some mod makers dont care about optimizing a model we could have a map with over 10M poly and that will sure crash any pc or in the console case, a bad optimized game can cause issues

@forces The logs spawned fine on the Ridge. It was when I used a K-700 to pick up long logs at one of the scavenge sites and I moved them to the highway that the log ends were going through the nearby trees. The screenshot above is from another map and more recent.

The logs already collide with everything else including the ground and rocks, as well as trucks. Adding trees to the collision check, assuming it's reasonably optimized, should be a non-issue.

And it's not just a visual issue. It's a practical issue too. The other day one of my trucks tipped over and spilled the logs. Unfortunately the trees down the slope next to the road didn't stop the logs from rolling down the hill, since they have no collision with logs. But of course trucks do collide with trees. So needless to say, it was painful retrieving those logs.

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@unster yeah i see it too, i hope they add this type of small details to the Mud runner 2
rocks also dont collide with trees (the smaller ones the bigger ones are imposible to pick up with a crane because of they're mass)

@forces I hope they fix it in the current MR. I never noticed that rocks don't collide with trees. Even to me that would be a non-issue, since rocks don't roll so easily and you don't need to retrieve them.