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everytime Pavel or a moderator has posted anything about the mud in the game i have asked if the difficulty has been changed to make it harder or easier, only to get the reply "it is much better" now this does not tell me if it is harder or easier, but it is better they say.

I'm 100% with you on this and I never even got a response from anyone official regarding traction. At least you got a response, though it doesn't really matter does it when things don't change.

Fortunately on most MR maps there's enough junk in the mud (rocks, trees, etc.) that it's still possible to get "stuck", but I still agree the mud should be tougher, at least on hardcore. I would really love to see pure mud being able to get vehicles stuck too and not be able to crawl their way out without assistance, especially 2WD vehicles. At the same time, pavement needs more traction and less wheel spin. Vehicles act like they're on snow-covered roads.

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Still disappointed that Mudrunner never really became more than "Spintires with more maps and vehicles".

That being said, not sure what there is to take away from the survey.

Voted for gameplay changers, VR support, weather, tracked vehicles and I think new mission types as top features. No clear unwanted feature, but I would've voted for the "fantasy vehicles" from the other page if I were given the option...

Not interested in recreational off road vehicles, unless they add some sort of rally game mode, to which I wouldn't be wholly opposed.

"Open world" (by which I assume they mean a single, much larger map) and/or career mode with upgrades and stuff I'm not sure about. It would have to be done right. In a way it's nice to just have these independent maps you can play without having to prepare or consider consequences.

I'd love to have recreational off-road vehicles. A 4X4 ATV would make a fantastic scout vehicle, and pretty much all modern ATV's these days comes with on/off 2WD/4X4/diff-lock, which perfectly matches these games.

Also a lot of ATV's are used for hauling firewood, so they could add a wood cart as a add on in game. Sure it's only a ATV with a little cart so it'd probably only be worth 1 load point or something, but it's entirely possible and realistic for what ATV's are used for in real life. I'm sure they could also ad a little utility cart or such as well just to give more options.

Plus it'd be neat if the dev's also went old school and added a ATC (Honda/Yamaha 3 wheeler), but I'd be happy with just a ATV.

@unster but it was released as Spintires: MudRunner by Focus, not Mudrunner 1, thatโ€™s why I was confused. Iโ€™ve not heard it referred to as Mudrunner 1 before.

Spintires: Mudrunner is a remake of the original Spintires game bringing the planned updates and features that were intended for the original Spintires to it, so the sequel is really Spintires 2.

@mikhail-ivanov A lot of us on this forum call the game MR1 just to be clear that we're not talking about MR2. I'm well aware of the original Spintires and I almost bought it by accident last year before I learned that it was a dead product and the updated one was called MudRunner. I think it's a better game name anyway. Spintires sounds pretty generic (it could be some hot rod racing game).

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I'm curious if there is a release date for the new dlc?

Thinking back about it, survey missed two biggest flaws of current game (by my opinion):

  1. engine+gearbox
  2. camera

Hopefully that means, that changes on these two are granted and there is no reason to ask about them ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

@sodoma honestly, I think the camera is perfectly fine. The only improvement with it I can think of is when in cockpit mode having working mirrors like irl. The auto gear box sucks tho lol hope it gets a tune up. Something I'm sure I'm alone on lol, I hope we get better wheel support like more fully supported wheels and a better customization menu for consoles

@sodoma personally i think there is nothing wrong with the camera system. the original camera is off set help see obstacles directly in front of the vehicle and it works. only it seems people just need to get used to it. which by now most people have. still not happy? then there is the straight behind camera. which did seem to make people happier. the thing with the camera in this game is you need to keep moving it to see around you. i have noticed if someone is not really moving the camera around to see things, they tend to be the biggest complainers.

as for the engine and gearbox, i will agree it still needs work. maybe the devs should take a look at and have a chat with some of the mod builders to see how they have their gearboxes and engine xml's set up. might get them stepping in a better direction.

I agree on the point that if you constantly swings the camera around, it gets better.
But I can't agree that is satisfaing solution.
With more than 700hrs on ST and more than 600hrs on MR, I consider myself as a quite expirienced player so take me seriously on this, I'll try to explain.

Camera works well, when you swing it around to reduce blind spots which are plenty. Looking by 3rd person camera over a huge truck, those blind spots are given and can't be helped.
Problems are camera restrictions. Game tends to workaround this, by wide-opened relatively flat maps, but if you play custom maps those contain quite steep slopes, you can see the issue. I can't count, how many time I was frustrated by the fact, that I can't turn camera in THERE to see why my truck can't go any further (usually a tree), sometimes I have pain in the neck, because I unintensionally lean my head backwards to "see more up there", because looking-up is also restricted. More zoom out could be very helpfull, because I like to ride 8x8 trucks (stock game or from WS) and from some angles I can't even see whole vehicle.
Not to mention situations, when restrictions from several sources interfere with each other (camera can't go under the water, can't go underground, through object,...). Usually I end up with camera ridiculously zoomed IN, and I can admire one of my tires, but that is all.
If you are playing on keyboard, camera is actually "better": you have your left hand on WASD, right hand grasps the mouse, you can swing the camera as comfortable as possible (under mentioned restrictions).
I am using G25 with shifter and therefore I have no spare hand to constantly operate with camera, using mouse is inconvenient, because each time I have to realize first "where am I" and only then I can move the camera where I want it -> too long for actual use. There is a D-pad for this on a shifter, but that is less usefull than mouse is and I can't sacrifice a hand just for that constantly. That've been said, I usually drive with the camera in some "as good as possible" position and time by time I stopped and rearange it. Or swinging it by D-pad but that is rather uncomfortable and spoils the expirience.
Surprisingly, a lot of these problems was "solved" by unlocking zoom restrictions by ST+ back in old game.

As you might remeber, I was "going through" engine+gearbox issue in "truck lua" topic, So I just remind base idea: by me, game needs "real-life-like" propelling system, current solution is acceptable, as long as you play on keyboard (if AT changes gears reasonably), but as long as this game is considered as "driving simulator", using wheel with pedals and shifter should be considered as common. And for that, current solution is far from perfect.

Jeez, I wrote a lot again, I hope that my english is understandable...
P.S.: I am quite missing camera from ST: instead of cockpit, there was camera on the roof - much wider field of view ๐Ÿ˜‰

quite true, i can only figure i am just used to the camera as it is. i have a bit of time into the games as well and will have to agree that you are correct. there is much improvement the camera could have, only how and what exactly is the next question people would have to ask. your points are valid and i am sure other may have their points also. now for the hard part, figuring out a system that works for most. this goes for all cam positions too i feel. for one i know if they would just add another cam like the original stmod had. (all four corners of the vehicle) would make a great addition. we have key 1 and 2 which would stay the same, just add hitting the key 2 a second time looking back down the right side of the vehicle (like key 1 does for the left side). maybe also hitting key 3 a second time gives a reverse or rearview mirror type cam for the incab (just guessing here i do not use the in cab). i think those would make a great basic improvement that can be implemented right now. they just need to do it.

@unster not seen a single reference to Spintires Mudrunner being called Mudrunner 1 anywhere until now. Personally I prefer the name Spintires. I donโ€™t think Spintires is going to be a sitting duck for much longer

If thatโ€™s the case I know where Iโ€™m going back to. The original Spintires game has many better features still, as Spintires Mudrunner was dumbed down for console. OG Spintires on PC is the superior game in my opinion.

@mikhail-ivanov ๐Ÿค” very interesting, thank you posting this info. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

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I'm curious if there is a release date for the new dlc?

No release date yet. We'll share more about that as soon as it's getting close ๐Ÿ™‚

@mikhail-ivanov I never played the original ST and I even considered getting it recently even though I already have MR because I've read the mud was harder in ST, but the deal breaker for me was that there are no tire tracks in ST and some of the graphics are worse, so I still prefer MR.

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Thinking back about it, survey missed two biggest flaws of current game (by my opinion):

  1. engine+gearbox
  2. camera

Hopefully that means, that changes on these two are granted and there is no reason to ask about them ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

If by gearbox you mean the horrible automatic, I missed that too in the survey because I no longer rely on it, ever since I got my shifter. But yes for those who don't have a shifter they should fix the automatic so it doesn't always downshift to first gear.

Regarding the camera, I'm mostly fine with it because my T150 wheel has a d-pad the I use with my left thumb to swing the camera around. No extra hand required. But I wish I could control the zoom so easily as well. For that I need to use the mouse wheel, and there are only 2 zoom options and I wish there was a 3rd one somewhere in between.

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Interesting, after I had a second look at that link. I might be interested in the original ST too if it has updated graphics and the original / hard mud. But until it is released on some official source and for a reasonable price I'm not gonna get too excited.

@unster no, the mud is not harder. it is the same. this is the complaint i am always talking about with the mud. after ST was first released a person could actually get vehicles stuck in mud. only after a few people complained about it, they (oovee/pavel) changed it making it far too easy imo and have yet to change how hard or easy it is since. all that ever gets said is that "it is better". now unless Oovee has made changes to the mud recently, then it is still the same for both games.

edit: fyi, i have playing this game since ST tech demo, so i do know a bit of the history. lol

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@8up-local Alright, thanks for the clarification. I was under the impression that the mud was made easier in MR, not ST. Personally I don't want "easy" or "hard" mud, I want realistic mud, at least in hardcore mode. I'd say the mud in MR is pretty good, but it could use some tweaks to make getting stuck in deep mud actually possible. The mud should be stickier. For example, if a vehicle can only get up to 0.001 velocity in the current conditions, the velocity should just be 0, i.e. no ultra-slow creeping allowed.