[Known issue] Guest in Coop mode gets kicked to main menu after every battle

In Coop mode after every battle guests gets returned to lobby but only few moments after we can do anything on the map
after the battle screen
Fight animation on map displays fine and moves by the AI

This bug is in the game since lanuch and i couldn't find anyone reporting it
I hoped this patch will fix it but nope so i thought that maybe no one else reported it

I also had few other fatal crashed ingame but people reported them but just in case here are crash logs from fatal errors 0_1551216681754_DxDiag.rar

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I am experiencing the same problem. Getting kicked to main menu after the battle is over.

Also a few seconds after the host has loaded a savegame.

yup same here even reinstalled the game me and my roommate have the exactly same hardware as well

and doesn't matter who hosts guest always gets kicked after a battle

Hi, yes this is a known issue and the devs are aware of it ! Thanks for the report !