Orks - `ere we go!

Do you have any go-to upgrades, kills and ships? Personally I find that orks are extremely hard to play without Traktor kannon (lvl 10 skill). It is pretty much the only thing that gives you a chance of catching kiting fleets like chaos or any eldar flavor. Naturally, stasis bomb is also great for catching opponents... And they synergise so disgustingly well (throw stasis bomb, traktor kannon them as soon as they try to boost out), that I can't justify picking anything else, ever, unless you are underleveled or want some variety. Orky Nova cannon is not very good and Shokk Attack is just underwhelming with only 4 troop damage.

I find that hangars on our ships are kinda overpriced. Fighters-bombers seem to lack turret stripping capabilities, and compared to other races it is easy to flush 3 charges since you risk both fighters and bombers whenever you make use of them. Maybe you wanted to send fighters-bombers in just to deal a chunk of damage and retreat, but they'll stick around and allow other enemy ships to close in and shoot them down just because their target has some turrets. Assault boats are extremely flimsy and even when opponent has no protection against fighters-bombers I rarely find any enemy ships have that 0 turrets left (unless my partner is also carrier with proper fighters), so it very hard to make use of them. As a result I pretty much only use fighters bombers as protection for my own ships, and they tend to die against dedicated carrier fleets even with turret support.

As for ugrades, there are a lot of trap options. Like restoring 10% of hull when hulking (Does not happen often enough throughout the match to make it worthwhile and ork ships don't die from inability to absorb damage, they usually die from mutiny or receiving an engine crit), or extending range on guns for flagship (without providing any accuracy? no thanks).

In my opinion only considerable upgrades are Anuver Deck(orks need to be in Lock On! to hit anything, so essential for shooty fleet), Waagh Songs(greatly helps with Morale issues orks have, keeping your ships function until the very end). Out of viable sub-faction upgrades there are only Evil sunz (proper boost to Red Button) and Blood axes (if you manage to get your stealthed blob of death close enough without getting scanned, then it is usually an instawin against non-eldar faction).

I've tried Zzap fleet (upgrades that pass through shields and holos 50% of the time and slow down enemy for 2 seconds) and I found it kinda boring to play. Can't say if it was competetive, since I've switched out of boredom, but it seemed viable at least.

Out of escorts Onslaught with 2 gunz seems to be the clear winner, however I do wonder if you've managed to make other escorts work? One with torpedoes is very bad because of lack of high energy turn, ravager has to get very close in order to do anything and thus most likely will get rammed to death, and brute provides very little reward while requiring a lot of dedicated micro.

I'm starting to like small rocks. Yeah, their damage output is not fantastic, and their price is kinda steep. However, they are pretty fast (200 speed if they don't need to turn) and they can't suffer any crits. Great ship to soak hits that could be critting engines/decks on your other ships as you advance towards enemy. Alternatively park it on point and make your enemy waste time trying to kill it.

As for LC, C and BC ships. I'm slowly starting to lean towards opinion that LC don't do enough for their price, and you'd want to take them only if you cutting corners with points, For a price of 1 escort you can get a sturdier cruiser, which has gunz to harass enemy shields as it closes in.

Do you think that ork Battleships have a place? I'm a huge fan of double barrelled Megakannons, however lack of speed and access to MWJ kinda cripples them.

As for fun builds, I've found a Flashgits Battleship (one that has double barrel megakannon) with Anuvver Deck, Traktor kannon and Invulnerable shields is extremely satisfying to play in 2v2. For supporting ships I take 2 onslaughts, LC with hangars(which is pretty crap on it's own to be honest, so maybe I should swap it out) and Cruiser with hangars. Other vessels protect your flagship from harassement and try to shield it with their bodies. Set your flagship for forward firing.

The whole plan is to traktor enemy ships one by one into shooting range of megakannon while fighters-bombers are used purely defensively. I don't know the exact numbers when accuracy of megakannon gets improved by 1 step, but it seems to hit fairly reliably at 9000 with lock-on. If the enemy has no shields, then a crit is almost guaranteed (obviously target engines).

Lootas and scavenging fast are much better after patch, and they form together a cute combo. Funnily enough it buffs torpedoes greatly since all boarding torps give you +10 hp on hit and 20 pure damage to the enemy in addition to crew damage, which just noms on heavy armor faction fleets like space marines or necrons. It even made me consider Shokk attack gun (still very unoptimal, but at least tolerable now)

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Hi JawRippa, thanks for your comments in the other thread, thought I'd just move my list into this thread:
"Kannon Korps"
1 Battleship: Deadnot Urdi Unki - Flagship
4 Cruiser: Killa
2 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
8 Escort: Onslaught

@jawrippa said in Ork Gunline Fleet:
I think that what makes your fleet viable are Onslaughts. They are ridiculously good for their cost, and when amassed can wreck any ship, provided that they won't get rammed at it.

Your fleet looks solid. The only thing I slightly dislike is lack of zoning tools via torps or any protection from carriers. However you should obliterate anything if you've managed to catch it in stasis bubble and get within 4.5k. I'd say that anuver deck is almost mandatory for you, because without lock on your DPS will drop significantly and most people target decks vs orks.

Also I'd recommend moving the thread to the faction discussion board

Agreed on your points re: zoning tools, I run with Anuver Deck, Kommando Training, Stasis Bomb and Tractor Beam and the hardest matches I've played were against Slaughter fleets and Hellbringer Fleets both of which pecked the orcs to death in slow & agonising style.

Interesting to hear your assessment of Onslaughts, their qualities hadn't revealed themselves to me because I'd been running 3 of them in previous (Battleship based) fleets. Once you start winning it can sometimes be hard to analyse what the cause of your success is - Iack of replay mode is a problem here - I hadn't considered that massed Onslaughts might actually a key part of it because I tend to just push them around quickly and then go back to micro'ing the cruisers & flagship around.

I've found with Orcs my morale issues were resolved by mashing that Nobz Bullying button and keeping the Flagship off the front line for Rally actions, there's rarely anything that really needs repairing. Caution around Imperial Torp based lists of course.

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@realfinney Onslaughts are very durable for their point cost, and also they have a decent accuracy gun that is good for fishing crits. If you park 4 of those behind some enemy ship to keep them safe they can pepper it really nicely. It is hard to evade rams with these though when you have a squigload of other ships to control at the same time, so setting auto engage with 9k for them is a must, try to spread them a bit while doing that.

Another advice from me would be to try and include one light rok in your build. I was skeptical on it, but light rok is quickly proving to be effective. They have 200 max movement speed (escort speed) and also they can't suffer an engine/deck crit. So put it infront of your ships, preferably right on top of enemy point and treat it as a crit absorbing sponge. The more enemy commits to it, the better, meanwhile your other ships are closing in with their engines intact. The only weakness it has is getting boarded, so try to syphon crew from escorts if it gets hulked. Unlike normal ships it still can function well after getting hulked multiple times.

So things continue to go pretty well with the Kannon Korps. I decided that as tasty as the Deadnot Urdi Unki is that I wanted my flagship to be more mobile - There were ongoing problems keeping up with the targets I wanted to use my Traktor Kannon on - and so I decided to drop it down to a Terror Stompa, since that would give it a strong 2nd line role, extra scouting ability and the enhanced speed I was looking for

The reduction in toughness doesn't seem to have hurt me so far, keeping it closer to the rest of the fleet has offset that so far.

Kannon Korps v1.1
1 Cruiser Terror Stompa - Flagship
4 Cruiser: Killa
2 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
9 Escort: Onslaught

Skills: Stasis Bomb, Traktor Kannon Shot
Upgrades: Annuver Bridge, Kommando Training

The main predators for this fleet has been Hellbringer fleets, Slaughter Fleets and various Eldar. I'm experimenting with countering these threats by diving my fleet into smaller components (5 instead of 3), so as to overwhelm my opponents ability to micro against all of them and to threaten and scout very wide areas.

Edit: Okay, against these very mobile fleets you absolutely do not want to split up, instead blob up close & find a position to defend 3 points. Protect your escorts & flagship, and pick off enemy ships with careful Traktor Kannon shots. Ideally have a close by dust cloud or asteroid field for re-concealing your ships.

I realised I wasn't making enough use of the Ordnance on the Terror Stompa (especially since when I put it behind the front line that blocked the torps) so I dropped it:

Kannon Korps v1.2
1 Cruiser: Killa - Flagship
4 Cruiser: Killa
3 Light Cruiser: OrdzGarg Dakka
7 Escort: Onslaught

Skills: Stasis Bomb, Traktor Kannon Shot
Upgrades: Annuver Bridge, Kommando Training

Current League: Legendary 9

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