Do something about spawnkilling

There are a lot of people spawnkilling defenders (Spawnkiller is mostly the LMG or a Commander calling in explosive artillery in our spawn) in nearly all of the maps, I've seen some highranks using prone tactic with M16 to camp by the first door after our spawn then they just spray us down, both in attacker and defender spawns. Espacially in Crossing, they camp by attacker spawns like, in the first objective a guy with sniper rifle gets on top of the hill and shoots the spawning attackers, when attackers are spawning in the cave one goes to South West town and shoots attackers down with sniper. Someone needs to do something about this, my suggestion is, people who die in 10 secs after spawn will spawn without wasting reinforcements and people who kill more then 3 people in that condition get killed, like teamkill damage reflection.

It's technically not spawn killing. They kill you as soon you leave spawn. I know it sucks but at some point the enemy has to be able to kill you. You need to throw smokes, take protected route, or have sniper handle it. I know on one map I go directly over and wait for the guy to head to the spot and take him out so my team can leave spawn safely.

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dude thats why smoke grenade exists. and especially with bigger maps compared to first insurgency you should be able to look another route