Just a few bugs in the CTE, along with some issues that I have with SS in general still.


-> Extended mags don't show up with their own UI icon for some of the new weapons, like the MP5s.

-> The Glock doesn't have an Extended Quickdraw Holster. Could be intended; not sure.

-> In the Firing Range, bots are not removed from the server after you spawn them in. At one point I had like f*ckin 188 bots in-game, and it actually started chunking at my FPS any time I just opened the scoreboard. The only successful way to remove the bots was to restart the round using the Admin Menu.

-> In the Firing Range, you can't equip a Compensator on the M870 shotgun.

-> In the Firing Range, it seems like when you spawn a Technical most of the time the Gunner doesn't actually enter the truck until after the Tech is pushed up and stops moving.

-> In the Tutorial, you can actually resupply in the spawn area (there's a spot; you gotta dance around a bit) and equip a G36k/M9 before you even pick up the M4A1. Doesn't actually mess with anything in the Tutorial, though.

-> Single-use rocket launchers seem a bit wonky. Whenever you fire the rocket in the AT4 or Panzerfaust 3, you either have to click the fire button again or manually switch weapons. The game no longer auto-drops the rocket launcher.

-> A few bugs relating to how 2x scopes and the Panzerfaust 3 scope works in Normal quality. Seems fine for Picture-in-picture.

-> In the Stats/Loadout menu, the Suppressor for the MP5A5 claims to also reduce recoil, with the exact same stats as the MP5A5 Compensator. After testing, it doesn't seem to actually reduce recoil and is only a visual bug.

General gameplay problems that I still have with Sandstorm:

-> The new Glock has basically the same or better stats as the L106A1, so I don't even know why that pistol is still in-game.

-> Security's only decent 9mm pistols cost three supply, with no cheaper alternative. The only two-supply handgun is the M45.

-> Tthe M9 has less bullet velocity than the Glock and L106A1. Now, I'm not sure about the L106, but the Glock? There's no possible way the M9 has about 70 m/s less bullet velocity than the Glock because the M9 has a 4.9-inch barrel which is longer than the Glock's by a good margin. Hopefully, the Glock's current stats are still WIP, because f*cking hell, that makes no logical sense at all, even from a balance standpoint.

-> Sandstorm armor is still a good meme. Light Armor is basically the equivalent of wearing a hardened leather vest, and Heavy Armor is like wearing a suit of plate mail that doesn't cover half of your body. Neither of them offers any ballistic protection whatsoever:

  • As far as I can tell, Light Armor only protects you from an extra bullet of a Makarov, Tariq, and G3A3 at point-blank range.
  • Heavy Armor stops an extra bullet from an MP5A2/5, Uzi, FAL, M14 EBR, M9, L106A1, and Glock.

Any other weapon (unless I missed any) has the exact same shots to kill regardless of armor. This includes any and every AK and AR-type assault rifle, SCAR-H, MP7, .45 ACP handguns, either bolt-action rifle, SVD, and all four LMGs. Even shotguns are hardly countered by armor, especially when using Flechette or Slug rounds as those practically ignore armor completely.

-> Hipfire recoil is still ludicrous. There are times where using sights in CQB doesn't make any sense at all. Ins2014 had a good hipfire mechanic where you could take down targets out to 15-20 feet without using iron sights. By no means is it "unbalanced" because it does require some skill to do effectively. But in Sandstorm, good luck hitting shit without aiming unless you're using a shotgun, SVD, or bolt-action rifle. Anything else jumps around more than a three-year-old at a bounce house, even the new MP5s.

-> If you had no armor in Ins2014, every firearm in the game will kill you in one torso shot, without mods (for the M9/Makarov, it has to be a upper chest shot). In Sandstorm, I can list the very few guns that will actually kill an unarmored target in one shot; M240B, MG3, PKM, SVD, FAL, G3A3, M14 EBR, Mosin-Nagant, M24, TOZ, and M870. Out of the 40+ guns in Sandstorm now, only eleven can kill an unarmored player with a single chest shot. That's insanity.

  • Also something to note; out of those eleven guns, ten will also one-shot a player with Light Armor (with only the G3A3 being unable to do so; shotguns are powerful enough that Light Armor does jack sh*t) and 6-8 of those firearms will one-shot a player with Heavy Armor (depending on if the shotguns are included; shotgun slugs will one-shot a player with Heavy Armor, and Flechette and Buckshot probably will too, depending on the range).

At the moment, I'm having more fun with Insurgency: Source than Sandstorm. Sandstorm just isn't really an Insurgency game currently.