Galil? Will we see it in sandstorm?

Just as it says. I would love a galil. Loved it in Ins 1 and would love to see it here as well. I would also love to see the RPK. Though im working around the RPK at the moment by using an AK74, bipod and drum mag. Its worth a look if you havent tried it. Very handy in CQC and when deployed on the bipod its a laser at longer ranges, really no need for an optic but works very well with a red dot.

New weapons including the PF940, MP5A2, MP5A5, VHS-2, QBZ-03, M240B, MG3, and even some classic weapons from Insurgency 2014 and Day of Infamy.


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@smoussie Oh nice. Hopefully sooner rather than later then.